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Two ways I understand Google Plus Today :
(1) Google Groups revamped, now with a stream
(2) I can write in one place, then distribute as I please

Google Plus: "mere paas circles hai , hangout hai, huddle hai. mere paas awesome photos page hai - kya hai tumhare paas ?"
Facebook: "mere paas poke hai "

#hindiMovies #questionableHumor

Seems like the people in my life I email a lot are people from my kids school. So side bar suggestions pretty much filled with parents :). hmm.. Perhaps this coming school year we will have a plus circle instead of the alias/group/mailinglist/photosite etc... for the class rooms?

My google wish for tonight:
I want an easy way to follow all the people here that I follow on twitter.

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I think people who say "circles will fail" aren't using them in the way most users will. Categorizing people into circles is pretty fun, so if you're a "list person" you can get carried away making ephemeral lists that would change a lot, like "people I'd like to go to the Grand Canyon with." Yeah, that won't work.

But you have to work hard to get lost in the weeds: the product itself suggests four very stable circles: family, friends, acquaintances, and following. Maintaining those categories requires no effort at all.

I don't think critics have thought very hard about those distinctions even though they're so fundamental to the way people live. That's because there hasn't been a service where those distinctions could matter. Many services have lists, that's not what matters. What matters is if on a particular service you would want to say some things to your closest friends and other things to a larger group.

G+ aspires to create and support all kinds of social activity, not just the subspecies of "social activity with undifferentiated masses of people who may want to see my stuff." That's cool, nothing wrong with that. And lots of services have supported that in one way or another already. It's a great thing. But it's not all there is.

G+ may fail to support the other kinds of social activity -- that's always the risk you run when you try something new. But that won't be because it's too hard to identify or maintain different circles. It'll be because when you have a hangout you really don't care who you hang out with. Or when you huddle you don't really care who you converse with, who can make your phone vibrate by sending a message. Or when you check in you don't really care who sees it.
Until critics start incorporating that into their thinking, they'll keep getting it wrong.

One of the factors that contribute to more engagement on + is that FB actually filters the feed . Not everyone of my posts is seen by every friend. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. +Robert Scoble +Gina Trapani

Why at this time am I even bothering to share stuff from +Robert Scoble everyone is following him - right? :)

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It's too bad that Google didn't let us mix our interest graphs with our social graphs. What do I mean by that?

Well, quick, find a way to build a circle where you will ONLY see friends of yours talking about Skiing, for instance. Not possible to build in Google+ yet.

Skiing is the interest graph.
Friends are the social graph.

Google+ has nailed the social graph part of this, but doesn't even try to do interest graph (well, except for "Sparks" but they aren't for stuff being shared inside Google+ yet).

I'm looking forward to seeing what Google does to mix Google Groups (interest graph) into Google+ (social graph).

This is why I say I wish Google+ got in bed with Quora and made a baby. Quora is mostly about interest graph, while Google+ is mostly about social graph.


By the way, this is also what I mean when I say that Google+ has poor noise control. If you can't find items you want based on your interest graph then you can't get rid of items you don't want (say my cute baby photos).
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