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Capture the Moment, and the Image.


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Here are a few Desktop Wallpapers I'm using right now. Only used basic tools to edit them (mostly simple Picasa effects), as I slowly go thru new and old photos.
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First post and it's about +Google+ Photos not being clear about auto-backup and Downloading photos.

Before all of this great #autoawesome  and #autoenhance  stuff, I was comfortable downloading my albums and knowing they were retaining their Full Resolution.  That was what differentiated Google Plus from sites like Facebook.

Now, as I was doing housekeeping on my personal account, I started downloading albums as an extra backup to make sure I can archive properly.  

Since I trusted Google about not messing with my originals, I did not verify the quality of the downloads. And I deleted a large chunk of auto-backed up photos from G+.

G-Holes!  You Google Geeks really need to explain things better, and give us warnings when you make STUPID updates like this.

Luckily, I have things still in the Trash and can restore.
And, I now know how to restore to original so I can download proper backups.
Also, this was a redundant backup system and I was doing it to verify my other backups and clear out dups. What of others that think Backup means Backup?

Oh, I think there will be more to rant about....
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