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This is an awesome completed sci-fi webcomic that really should be available in print. Please help make that happen? kthx!
There's only a few days left for this Kickstarter to make its goal. Please repost to help spread the word!

A Mad Tea-Party is a 288-page young adult science fiction graphic novel. I've been working on it for years, and I want to get it printed now that it's done. You can pre-order a copy for just $22 including shipping anywhere in the world!

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Others have said all I could say about Igal: kind, caring, always curious. I’ll miss him and I’m sad to not have his presence around town any more.

I think a common reaction is to want to be able to do something. I contacted a mental health professional at Multnomah County to ask for advice and got a detailed, thoughtful response back. I’m not sure yet how to share her comments. For now, I’ll share these two points:

1. Please consider attending a support group meeting, as well as talking about your grief and your memories of Igal with your friends in our community.

2. If you need to talk with a trained counselor, at any time of day or night, please call your local mental health crisis line. In our region, see . Several years ago I called the Multnomah County number and I found the experience very helpful at the time.

Be good to yourselves.

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Now I want to be like Zuckerberg too. (Simon Marlow is leaving Microsoft Research for a position at Facebook. I hope it works out, both for him and for the Haskell community, but it sure is a head-scratcher.)

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Please help my team take Comic Rocket to the next level! kthx!

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I've been building the tech behind full-time for the last year now, and part-time for four years before that. Teaming up with the rest of the Comic Rocket crew this year has been awesome and we've made it so much better together, so now I'd really love to take it to the next level.

If you haven't tried Comic Rocket yet, please take a look, and if you can contribute to our IndieGoGo project or even share it with all your friends, I'd really appreciate it!
Our IndieGoGo project is finally live! Please have a look and help us make a mobile app for our webcomic reader...

Being followed by +Boris Houndleroy reminds me: I don't think I've written publicly about my plans for using the DSP core on the BeagleBoard to implement a pure-software 12-channel GPS correlator. Of course I have to get a BeagleBoard first...

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This article was a lot of fun to put together. By which I mean, it was a lot of fun to occasionally play photographer's assistant while watching +Sarah Sharp put it together.
My article for Comic Rocket is up! Lots of pics of cute webcomic toys.

If you don't know about +Comic Rocket, it's a website that helps you track where you are in a webcomic. It's great for when you want to pick up a new webcomic with a big archive, but you can't make it all the way through. If you're all caught up, it will also automatically let you know when the comic has updated.

I think the best feature is the personalized recommendations, that are based on what comics you're currently reading. If you go to a particular comic info page, it also gives recommendations for comics that are similar to that comic.

I use Comic Rocket to track about 30 comics, and I really like it. Yeah, some people could say I'm kind of biased, since I'm married to the guy who created the Comic Rocket website (+Jamey Sharp ), but they should know I'm not afraid to complain about a crappy web interface, even to family.

I've watched the site get prettier and more usable every day, and I'm pretty excited about some of the new features that Jamey's thinking about adding. He's also got a User Voice feedback page, if you want to vote for which new features get implemented.

#comics #webcomics #comic

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This Japanese Twitter-comic is amazing and makes me rethink what is possible in comics.

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I've never felt more tempted to say, "That's what she said."
How Popular are webcomics in Korea?
I’ve talked before about how big webcomics are here... how the local Google-equivalents host and promote comics, and pay salaries to the top webcartoonists. How the strips are constantly being turned into movies and tv series. But I never had a more singular image of just how big they were until this week.

I was in a Love Hotel. The super fancy kind, with an in-room hot tub overlooking the ocean, and a private theater. When I turned on the home theater, there were three options. Movies, TV, and webcomics.

Porn was not even among the first set of options. That was several clicks through the menu. That means that a large enough group of people will come to this place, look at all their options, and say “Baby, let’s snuggle up in bed and read some webcomics on the big screen."

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I liked Weird Al's take on "American Pie", but this is even better.
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