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Vlad Wing
Engineer, Traveler, Researcher, Juggler, Student, Geek
Engineer, Traveler, Researcher, Juggler, Student, Geek
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AWeSome !!! Loving the Amazon experience #AWS

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Good job #Google. Finally #mute sounds in #hangouts.

I have a new crossfiction idea: zombies and dinosaurs.

Question: What happens if a zombie dinosaur eats a human or another smaller dinosaur? Does the victim becomes zombie or just food?

"We have idiots in our community, like everyone does."

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ISW - Lundi @ Bordeaux
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Constanta - Bucuresti 80 min intarziere. Ce e mai grav ca pana la Sinaia cu asta ar fi trebuit sa merg...

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Kutiman is back :)

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It's the most awesome thing I've seen in a while
With the conclave coming up, it's a good occasion to recall how the pope is chosen. As explained in the Legend of Koizumi, only the cardinal who is the strongest Mah Jong player can become pope. (Also, recall the manga reading order: Panels are read from right to left.)

If you read on, you'll see Koizumi and B16 (and others) fight against Space Nazis, amongst whom we meet not only the usual suspects, but a magically reanimated Richard Wagner. (Of course, they fight be playing extraordinarily intense Mah Jong.)
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