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Bronwyn Lea
Writer. Speaker. Domestic Opposer of Entropy.
Writer. Speaker. Domestic Opposer of Entropy.

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(NEW POST) What I Want More Than an End to Porn

A friend told me recently about a kid in third grade who was having behavioral troubles: saying and doing weird stuff, relating oddly to his peers. A little sleuth work from adults who love him revealed why: he’d been exposed to—and nearly devoured…

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A Moment for the Middle Child A five-minute post to honor my boy on his birthday.

Seven years ago today, I woke up with a back ache which wouldn’t go away. It got worse and worse, and after an hour of shifting positions, it dawned on me that perhaps—just perhaps—I was in labor. I was 40 weeks pregnant, after all. It shouldn’t have…

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'Get the Girl to Do It' - Thoughts on race, the space race, and gender in "Hidden Figures"

I got to see an early screening of Hidden Figures (in theaters this Friday) and wrote about it for Christianity Today Women. Here’s the link if you’d like to click right over to read it, and here are the first paragraphs if you’re curious: The rush to…

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"We're not adulting. We're adults. This is not a dress rehearsal." NEW POST: On Adulting, Growing Up, and Turning 40.

Along with “woke” (aware of societal injustice, especially racism) and “coulrophobia” (fear of clowns), adulting made the 2016 Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year list. I like word lists, and I’ve done an awful lot of “adulting” lately, and so perhaps it…

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On The Pain of Going to Church on the Sunday after the Presidential Election, and How Community Orchestra Helped (NEW POST)

It was hard to be in church yesterday. Trump won the US presidential election, and it is no secret to readers of this blog that I was sad about that (although I will respect him and pray for his government). But I was sadder still that pollsters said more…

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A Prayer for Election Day (NEW POST)

We were apprehensive about that election in 1994: the first democratic vote in South Africa’s history. There had been so much bloodshed leading up to the point, and I was just one of a throng of believers who prayed fervently through that election. More…

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Ask Me: "Should I go to grad school if I want to be a mom one day?"

Dear Bronwyn, I finished college and have been working for a few years. I love my job, and pursuing graduate school feels like the logical next step for me and had been a part of my original plan. Yet I strongly feel that if I have children, I want to…

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"There have been summers when we worked unending hours every day of the week for four months—and earned nothing. Still, we came back to our fish camp island the next year. And the next. I’ve been out here for 39 summers now; my husband for 53. It’s a sickness. It’s a disease. It’s love. It’s hope." Oh friends, don't miss today's magnificent post from Leslie Leyland Fields. It's a treat (and, just for me to have a moment of fangirl screaming here, her last guest post was for Ann Voskamp so this is kind of a big deal to have her on the blog today!)

Leslie Leyland Fields is an award-winning journalist and author of ten books; which should be reason enough to commend her writing. But I also get to call this women I admire and appreciate a friend, which is a heaping bounty of grace to me. Her…

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'But it's just a show, and a funny one," I hear you say. "Why do you have to be all kinds of Christian uptight about it?" Fair question. I suppose the answer to this has to do with bananas and tweezers. ' NEW POST: I'm in a Weird Place about NBC's New Show 'The Good Place'

Among the list of exciting new premiere’s that the TV execs would like to introduce us to this year is one from NBC: The Good Place, starring the sloth-loving and most wonderful Kristen Bell and the  hilarious, everybody-knows-his-name Ted Danson. This is…

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The Betta Mom (an unexpected story)

I’m delighted to have a guest post over at Melanie Dale’s fabulous blog, Unexpected, today (Remember Melanie? She wrote that awesome post about being a Cheerleader Mom). My post is about our pet fish, and it’s kind of a finny story, really…. Click right…
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