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Jennifer Aragon
It never rains to hard to dance ;) I love seeing the Joy in all things!
It never rains to hard to dance ;) I love seeing the Joy in all things!
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Life Changed
My amazing husband held me all night as I cried and squirmed around in bed. Finally it was morning and we could go see the doctor. There what we had thought to be the case was confirmed we were loosing our baby. We cried a bit more, then smiled and discusse...

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Letting Me Learn
One of the most frightening thing about getting better at something is that you have to start to do it on your own.... So it was with mountain biking this weekend. As I scaled over hard rock terrain. The help I used to have seemed to be absent.  We had time...

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His Plan Instead
In that moment all I wanted in life changed, I could feel
it, but it took me a while to understand it.                 Everyone
who knows me knows that from the time I was young I wanted to go into the
medical field. And I was for sure that I would attend B...

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Bikes and Home
                I stood
up from the ground as pain shot through my body. My dad kept saying “I’m sorry
honey!” I just stood up and laughed “You warned me!”                 Earlier
that evening I stood in full gear excited to try a new mountain bike trail.

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Not Too Typical
Having just spent 18 Months in North Carolina for a mission I learned very quickly what others thought of 'Utah Mormons.' When anyone hears I'm from Utah and Mormon I get the same reaction 'your one of those people'. While I do fit the Mormon mold by the wa...

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When I smile I think of Him
The best comment anyone can give me is "you have a beautiful smile!" Because the story that follows this complement ... Ever sense I can remember I was trying to keep up with my brothers. One day while on vacation in Southern Utah I was doing just that, try...

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This week as we look to the end of the Saviors ministry and remember His resurrection let us remember what it means for us personally. Put down the Easter baskets for a moment and open the scriptures, read of Palm Sunday, Black Friday and Resurrection Sunday.... then ask yourself: Why does this matter to me? How have these events changed my life? What can I do differently to better remember this week throughout my life? Then thank Him and move forward a little better ;)
I know all we have is Because of Him!

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Who I Want To Be
Have you been able to slowly watch the Lord work more effectively in your life as you've humbled yourself this last week? While studying I found a talk entitled "As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten" I was Particularly moved by Elder Christoffersons stat...

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Being With You
While studying about patience this week I prayed for Gods help.... And He gave me many opportunities to do so. One moment was sitting in the car for 30 minutes at a complete standstill due to an accident. The words of my mother ran through my mind as I sat ...

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Never Give Up!
What have you come to discover that you
know as you have studied about knowledge? I realized that the simple truths I
over look are a deep knowledge of my Father in Heaven and His love
for me. I know that He sent His son to this earth, to suffer, die and
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