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Healthy Birthday Cake (For Toddlers!)
This weekend we celebrated my son's second birthday. I have no problem admitting that I'm the "crazy mom" who doesn't let her son eat any sugar, dairy, or gluten. Yes, I'm that mom. Say what you will, my son hasn't been truly sick a day in his life soooo th...

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How do you take your Coffee?
For Mother's Day I received a hand milk frother (sounds fancy, I know but it was like $5 from Ikea) and it's completely changed my coffee game. I've always liked (more like needed) a little dash of cream or milk, but I've since discovered the "Bulletproof" ...

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Tennis Ball Massage
In a perfect world I would get a massage every week. I lie, maybe more like two or three times a week... what can I say? I love a good massage! I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and with all the classes I teach, my body  deserves  a little extra attention (at lea...

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Beach Barre Burn : Inner & Outer Thighs
Hi Babes! Today's exercise is another "barre"exercise that focuses not only on the inner and outer thighs, but also the backs of the legs and the booty. Get ready to say "goodbye saddlebags, hello inner thigh gap and I love my apple bottom." In this exercis...

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Simple Summer Circuit (and a Casio watch giveaway!)
When I'm in a hurry, one of my favorite workouts is a high intensity circuit training. This simple summer circuit will only take 15 minutes.  Set  your watch timer for five, one-minute intervals.  Do as many reps of each exercise as possible for one minute ...

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Summer Workout Playlist
Long summer days are here at last and so is some brand new music to get your bikini bod in tip-top shape. Here's my Beach Babe summer workout playlist. With feel good vibes, I hope you love it as much as I do!

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The Perfect Summer Day
Summer has arrived at last! While last summer I stayed busy
taking care of my newborn, this summer I’m soaking up the sun and doing my best
to stay active. Recently, Athleta sent me some new pieces from their summer
collection. It was the perfect attire for...

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Body After Baby -- One Year!
It's been over a year since I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. And what a year it's been. Sometimes I feel so guilty for not posting more to BBF but then I'm reminded that these first few years with my boy is time that I'll never get back. I have to soa...

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Turkey & Vegetable Meatballs
Since my son turned one (body after baby update coming soon!), signs of toddlerhood are slowly emerging. When we introduced finger foods at 10 months, I couldn't have been happier that some of his favorite foods were broccoli and green beans. Such a healthy...

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Hit the Re-Set Button
Today I hit the re-set button. Re-set on my diet, re-set on my workouts, re-set on my blogging habits (you know you've missed me!). In case you didn't get the memo yet, summer is pretty much here. Which means, not only is it time to pull out the sleeveless ...
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