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Google+ Statistics & more

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Update #2: Everything back to normal :)
Update #1: Google is rolling back an update that caused the issue, but it might take several hours to reach everyone.
Because of an issue on Google's side +All my + statistics (and many other tools depending on Google APIs) are currently not working. Google has been informed and is working on it.

This post will be updated as soon as there are news.

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Location reports fixed

Location-related stats and reports were broken for a while (missing most of the data) after a change in the API, but everything should be back to normal now, with complete location data from your posts.


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Statistics for Hangouts

I'm not sure when Hangouts were added to Google Takeout but the available data offers some interesting possibilities for statistics that needed to be explored.

So I'm happy to be able to offer you some statistics for your interactions via Google+ Hangouts via the Takeout data.

To get started head over to which will tell you what you have to do:

1. Get your Hangout Takeout data from
2. Extract the package.
3. Drag the Hangouts.json file into the "Drop files here" area at (All your data will be analysed locally on your computer, nothing will be uploaded. )
4. Click on the reports you want to see.

For now I only offer a very limited amount of reports, but I have some more ideas for reports and how to improve the existing ones.

As usual I'm open for feedback. What reports do you want to see? :) 
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Currently statistics for communities (as described in aren't working. These reports were based on an unofficial functionality in the Google+ APIs which isn't working any more. If you want this possibility back, please star the following issue:

The possibility to analyse your own public activity inside of communities as described in isn't affected by this.

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Enhanced reports for Google Apps users

Thanks to the Google+ Domains API launch yesterday ( I'm now able to offer more data for Google Apps users.

If you have a Google Apps account, you can now choose the second sign-in option. This allows you to retrieve all your activities (public and private) to be analysed and not only public activities as previously.

As with all other options none of this data will be available on/visible to my server. The data is retrieved directly from Google servers to your local machine using HTTPS, and then analysed locally on your machine. Your private data will never be exposed to other people using this service.

I'm planning to extend this functionality with more detailed Google Apps specific reports, but for now you can compare your public vs. your private activities (inside and outside of communities). If you have ideas for reports you want to see, let me know in the comments.

If you don't have a Google Apps account you can still analyse your private activities by downloading your data from Google Takeout and using those files at

If you want to be notified about major updates to this service (like this), please let me know in the comments so I can add you to an appropriate circle.
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Small change to yesterday's update.
Sharing your stats from +All my + now with nicer number and date formatting as suggested by +David Schmidt :)


Since Jun 28th, 2011 I've shared 3,472 public posts and received 12,479 comments, 5,933 reshares and 32,198 +1's. Get your own stats by clicking "Try it" below and signing in.

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Small Update: Easily share a summary of your stats to Google+
Since 2011-06-28 I've shared 3469 public posts and received 12457 comments, 5923 reshares and 32100 +1's. 


+All my + now has an interactive share button that you can use to quickly share a summary of your public stats (see text above) provided you used the "Sign in with Google" button.

Just click "Try it" below and sign in with Google to get your own stats and share them if you want :)

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Google+ Sign-in and more

It's been a while but I found some time to make some updates (with still some more things planned).

1) Google+ Sign-in:

The Login button has been replaced with a Google+ Sign-in button (finally). While not used yet, this will enable me to give you some statistics based on the people in your circles as well. I have implemented the button to get your active approval on each sign-in process, this will enable you to easily log out and log in with a different choice of circles to get statistics for subsets of your circles once the reports have been implemented. (Look for future updates about this.)

2) Visual refresh:

I've been meaning to update the visual look of All my + for a while now.

Instead of multiple tabs (which many people found confusing navigation wise), the data is now presented all in one page, with a side bar for quickly jumping to the part you are interested in. The reports are not calculated automatically (to keep the loading time shorter and so you can choose the reports you are actually interested in). You can either calculate a report by choosing from the report images on top of the page, or clicking the "Refresh data" button available in the header of each report.

If you apply any filters or load more data you will have to click the "Refresh data" button again. The button will disappear after a refresh and only reappear when a refresh is necessary. So if you see the button you know that the currently displayed report data doesn't use all the available (or filtered) information and the button should be clicked.
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Post has shared content is all over the news apparently ;)
Growth Rates of US News Sites on Google+

+Adam Sherk has done a great job in comparing the performance of US News Sites over the last year using +Gerwin Sturm nice tool +All my + 

How about comparing the performance of German News Sites on G+?

via +AJ Kohn 

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More Community-based statistics

After introducing statistics for communities ( you now also have the possibility to analyse your own activities inside of public communities, by using your User ID at

The Overview will now show activities inside of communities and normal public communities separately.
You can also choose between those types of "audiences" for the Charts and filter for only the posts you did in communities in All Posts.

Length of posts

Thanks to +Ralf Haring the All Posts tab now also shows the length (in characters) of posts in a separate column, allowing you to sort the table and find the longer posts easily.
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