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Dispensing Trix and Trixology on all things Vindictus.
Dispensing Trix and Trixology on all things Vindictus.

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Js...I can't find anything Google + now ... lame.

TrixiEEEE is now supporting both Vindictus and ArcheAge. 
So get ready for updates and statuses as we craft, claim and conquer our way to the ends of the Earth uh...Erenor.

Hit me up on the Enla or Ezi server - TrixiEEEE (2 eyes and 4 ease)

Finally a real giveaway from  a Vindictus player on Twitch.

SoLSubzero ended his Vindictus Journey today by giving away his prized possessions which included Quintine Sands and Aramageddon gear.

Grats to the Winners:

Many sad faces to natashaxdb who won but wasn't following the streamer and lost out on Armageddon gloves. Better luck next time.

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Check out Cloud0621 (  His regular "shows"  are Unsober Sundays, Mesh Up Mondays, Furry Fridays and more. If you drop by be sure to "Follow" his channel, show him some love and become part of the ever growing community.

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In case you were wondering...its not you, you aren't banned. The login server for Vindictus (Nexon in general) is down. It has been down nearly all day. there is currently no ETA for bringing it up. 

Check with Vindictus on their FB or Twitter  for updates.

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Vindictus EU's Support Team recently answered some questions about the game and their internal priorities and operations. Check out comprehensive answers to all 31 Questions coming directly from their community.

GM Belsazar - you're fantastic. XD

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Ruin3d explains the changing face of Vindictus NA.
He's provided an overview of improvements on the horizon for the game and future efforts supporting the corporate Focus on Quality.

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7/17 Repost, Vindictus Fixes the mailbox glitch.

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7/22 - Devs Q&A with INVEN about a new character coming to Vindictus. 
Meet Arisha. (Q&A translation courtesy of World Wide Game Waters)
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