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Erica Sipes
My passion is to help others in the community, young, old, and everyone in between, find relevance and joy in learning, performing or listening to classical music.
My passion is to help others in the community, young, old, and everyone in between, find relevance and joy in learning, performing or listening to classical music.

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From the kitchen to the stage
Today I realized that great cooks and musicians have something in a common - they have learned to let go and to trust their senses.  They have learned that interpreting great dishes or musical compositions goes beyond technique and mere re-creation into a r...

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Lesson learned while trying not to be a piano diva Pianist   who   demands   that   attention   be   paid   to   his   or   her   needs,   especially   without   regard   to   anyone   else's  needs   or   feelings. Perhaps it's silly of me, but I actually work pretty hard to not  be a piano di...

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Finding my roots in new soil
The last few years have been interesting.  I have gone from both my husband and I teaching in universities and performing to both of us moving out of academia, relocating to a new town, and taking up a job in a completely different field.  For the past two ...

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Getting students hooked on practicing - game on, video game world!
As music educators and parents of
musical students we probably all have in our repertoire of questions, “Have you
practiced yet today?” or “How many hours did you practice this week?”   They are the questions we often feel we
have to ask but also dread beca...

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A taste of something different - Annie Moses Band's Fine Arts Summer Academy
As a long-time blogger I frequently receive emails from people in the music industry who are wanting to know if I'd be willing to feature them on my blog.  I always check everyone out that contacts me but rarely do I agree to do a post because I consider th...

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Making sense of a Richard Strauss song through botany
Yes, you read that correctly.  In the course of this one blog post I am going to attempt to use a brief study in botany to unravel an issue I am having in the accompaniment to a song by Richard Strauss. Ready? My problem started with a rehearsal I had with ...

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Giveaway of my book, Inspired Practice and SPECIAL SALE!!!!
A few weeks ago I was contacted by the inspiring and wonderful Wendy Stevens  - pianist, composer, blogger, and entrepreneur extraordinaire.  If you haven't run across her before, you need to get to know her, especially if you are a pianist and even more so...

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A fresh new view of "technique"
I have been told ever since I was a little girl that I have great, natural technique.  But here's the odd thing - I have consistently avoided practicing technique all of my life.  As a matter of fact, and this is the first time I've publicly admitted this, ...

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Let me count the ways - a piano collaborator's ode to an artform
I recently had the great joy of giving a masterclass for young pianists who were trying their hands, many for the first time I believe, at collaborating with their peers.  Readers of my blog will not be surprised to hear that I ate up every moment of our ti...

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New livestreaming project! "Practice on a Dime of Time"
I've decided to get back into livestreaming my practice sessions.  This time my goal is to record in shorter segments, between 10 and 20 minutes at a time which is why I'm calling this series, as corny as it is, "Practice on a Dime of Time."  My thought is ...
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