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Amjad AlHouseini

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Completely delusional , insane and sick owners 
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Amazing Tilawah 
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I need help! 

I am having a problem with troubleshooting this: 

cake_core cache was unable to write 'cake_dev_en-us' to File cache

I have tried: 

1. chmod -R 777 tmp 
2. Delete the tmp folder and then recreate it with its subdirectories. 
3. Delete the tmp folder and upload a fresh tmp folder from a fresh cakephp folder. 

Cakephp version : 2.4.5
Server OS: Centos 6.5
PHP Version 5.3.3
Apache version: Apache/2.2.15

I have tried most of the solutions from stackoverflow. 

Any Suggestions? 

Thanks in advance
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