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I am wondering Google+ or Facebook, which to go with because trying both is just irritating me lately. 

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There's a reason why only 6% of all scientists are Republican: right wing dogma is the antithesis of rational thinking. Always has been, always will be.

#science   #education   #atheism   #liberal   #progressive   #Democrats  

Looking for a google+ plugin for wordpress, anyone have suggestions? 

I have decided we should remove Common-Sense warning labels and call it survival of the fittest!

Trying to get Yoast SEO to post to +Google+ but I can not get it to work, guess I will have to test while I am publishing more articles over the next couple of weeks.

Working an on #Assessment article for 

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It came, I am going to #Nerdout for a bit...

Still waiting for my #nexus7 to show up, +UPS has it scheduled for delivery today, but it has already been rescheduled once. I really wish that they could give you a better delivery time frame I am sure they have the capabilities for it, so why not do it!

Any #CAD teachers out there that have converted a drafting program to CAD that can give me some advice?
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