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Don't forget Your Customers that refer you to others looking for what you sell. Thank You, % discount on bid prices.

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Great Reminder

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Health Benefits of Lentils or Mung Dal.

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Located thirty-three miles east of Washington DC, the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis is the second oldest service academy in the nation.

Orginally Shared by Steve Eagar

Just got this email from the Research Lab Administrator at Cal-Berkeley. She is addressing specifically Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins and the Ebola infected nurse's dog.

You people in Dallas need to think about the bigger picture here in regards to this dog! Dogs in Africa are carriers of ebola, spreading it through their urine, saliva, and feces. They often do not show symptoms and NO ONE knows the incubation period in a dog, it could be 6 months to a year for all we know. This dog could potentially spread this disease to other people, wildlife and pets. This is a zootonic disease spread between animals! Are we going to turn into another West Africa with our wildlife carrying and spreading this disease? It could make it to our meat sources, cows, chickens, pigs. There is no way to control it in the wild. This is precisely how the West Africans catch it, from the wildlife there.

So this judge who knows NOTHING about science and infectious disease is making this decision for all of us. Very sad the dog needs to be put down, but the dog needs to be put down! This is not something to be messing around with. Whoever is cleaning up after that dog right now is in danger of catching the disease. Is this judge willing to take responsibility for those people's lives? It is unbelievable how poorly this whole thing is being managed in Dallas. Now this!

From USA Today:

There is even concern for Pham's beloved pet. In an interview with WFAA Monday, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said Pham's dog — a King Charles Spaniel named Bentley — will not be killed, despite speculation that the dog could pose a health risk.

"When I met with her parents, they said, 'This dog is important to her, judge. Don't let anything happen to the dog," he said. "If that dog has to be the boy in the plastic bubble, we're going to take good care of that dog."

Bentley has been moved to an undisclosed location and is under the care of Dallas Animal Services.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings also reported that Bentley, Pham's King Charles spaniel, was doing well and also showing no signs of the virus. The dog was moved to a secure, undisclosed location after Pham checked herself into the hospital.

Please start using some common sense here.

Daniele Johnson
Research Lab Administrator
University of California, Berkeley

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(RED) visited Kenya early this year. We love these words written on Menengai Primary School in Nakuru. Like if you agree.

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While many criminal laws are well intended, putting blanket rules on sentencing and other issues sometimes falls short of "justice".  This is a good editorial piece in the Washington Post on this topic.

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