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Unscripted & Unchained RPG Review
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Feel free to join in and watch my box opening, I'll be running games shortly or ready to join a game.

Thanks for the add. I’m expecting the game to come in the mail, any day now! I haven’t played it since the 80’s, so I’m looking forward to making a return.

Is the PC version of the game available yet?

Welcome to our G+ community page. Just as it is on our FB page, any RPG genre and on any platform is welcome for discussion here.

Also, this is an open forum, there will be no boycotts of gaming products and no bannings of members except in the most extreme cases.

This is a Free Speech Zone - Free Exchange of Ideas!

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Rules Question:

If I have a Melee Expertise and Focus of +3, and I make an attack roll (D1) and roll: 1 , 1 = 4 success / +3 Momentum + another +2 Momentum for the 1's, for a total of 5 Momentum gained from one attack roll.


As a "Chronicler" (lol, I'm not using GM), who writes my own adventures I've found that I really need to use the supplement books to get the full depth of the game fully realized.

I am running a few solo character campaigns, and the players are playing a: Pirate, Thief and Witch / Shaman. If I rely on just the Core book, much is missed for the creation process of their adventures.

Unfortunately, the PDFs are not out for the Wave 2 supplements yet, and I'm specifically jammed up waiting for Conan the Pirate.

What books have you been finding the most useful at this point?

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