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Steps to enable two-step verification

In Gmail you can add extra layer of security by activating two-step verification. When you activate and turn on two-step verification in Gmail then whenever you or someone else tries to access your account on a new device then you need password and a code sent by Google on your phone or email id to login to your Gmail account. You can follow below steps to enable two-steps verification:

1. You need to login to your Gmail account.

2. After that go to the two step verification page.

3. Now you need to select ‘Get Started’.

4. Then you can follow the given instruction on screen to activate two-step verification.

After you are done you will be taken to the page of 2 step verification settings.

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Steps to forward an email on Gmail

You can follow below steps to forward an email on Gmail:

First open Gmail and once it is opened, you can select the conversation that contains the email you want to forward. On your screen you will see more than one section of the message, which indicates the separate emails.
You need to ensure the individual message which you want to forward be expanded. If you are not able to see at least part of the email's text, then you can click or tap on the sender's name in the conversation's list of messages. It is absolutely fine if you see the other individual messages expanded too.
Now go to the section where the message is and then click or tap the More button or the down arrow in the message's header area.
Now choose Forward.
Now you can fill in the "To" field which you can see at the top of the message you are forwarding with the email address of recipient who you want and who should receive the message. You can edit any of the extra text you may want to change before you send it. In case you want to edit the subject field, then click or tap the small right arrow next to the "To" field and choose Edit subject.
Then click or tap Send to forward the email.

So, this is how you can forward an email on Gmail.

Gmail support by phone

If you need any help on Gmail and you are wondering how you can get it then you don’t need to worry about it. You can get Gmail support by phone from us. You can call us and ask your issue or query for which you need solution or information. You will get support from our expert instantly. You can get Gmail support by phone from us with a very competitive and cost effective subscription. You will get best service and support 24X7 and for 365 days.

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Steps to configure SMTP server to send email

You can follow below steps to configure SMTP server to send email:

1. First you can select the voice "Account Settings" in your mail client, which you can generally get in the "Tools" menu.

2. Then choose the "Outgoing server (SMTP)" voice.

3. Now you can press the "Add" button in order to set a new SMTP. A popup window will appear.

4. Then you can simply fill the voices as follows:

a. Description: You need to enter an informal name that you want to identify the server. The best to use the email provider's, like Gmail.

b. Server Name: Then type the actual SMTP server's specification. You can find it either by contacting the web page of your provider, or you can search for it on our list of server POP and SMTP.

c. Port: Generally SMTP works with port 25, but it can work also with 587.

d. Connection security: You need to know that in itself, SMTP email transfer doesn't provide an encryption. So in order to make your connection more secure, it is a good option to use a STARTTLS or SSL/TLS extension, that employ a separate port for encrypted communication.

e. Authentication method: There are a certain number of methods available like passwords, CRAM-MD5, KERBEROS etc.

f. User Name: Enter your email address.

This is how you can configure SMTP server to send emails.

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How to configure SMTP server to send email
How to configure SMTP server to send email
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Steps to save a file in Google Drive

· Open your browser

· Go to

· Log in with your Google account credentials

· Open or create a folder

· Now you can drag the file to upload

· Alternatively you can right click on the mouse, select upload files and choose the file to upload

· You can also install the Google drive application in your computer to use it

We have certified and professional experts to help you 24/7 for any Google problem. You will get instant and effective solution just by dialing our Google customer service number from anywhere in the world. Our services are completely secure, affordable and result oriented. So do no get annoyed with Google problems from now on, connect with the Google customer service number to seek best support.

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How do you save a file in Google Drive
How do you save a file in Google Drive
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Steps to check your Gmail password

In case you need to reset your Gmail password then Google can send you an email at a recovery email address provided by you. So you should make sure that recovery email address is up-to-date and is an account which you can currently access. Alternatively you also have chice to add a phone number to your Gmail profile to receive a code to reset your password via text message.

When you have a mobile phone number on your account then it is one of the easiest and most reliable ways in order to help keep your account safe. This is because Google can easily use the phone number provide by you to challenge people if they try to break into your account, and send you a verification code so that you can get into your account if you ever lose access. The good thing is that if you give a recovery phone number to Google then it will not result in you being signed up for marketing lists or getting more calls from telemarketers.

So, you can check your Gmail password through your mobile phone which is a more secure identification method in comparison to your recovery email address or a security question because, unlike the other two, you have physical possession of your mobile phone.

If you need to change or reset your Gmail password and you cannot do it on your own then you can get support by calling Gmail password support number and get the step by step guidance.

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How do you check your Gmail password
How do you check your Gmail password
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Steps to restore lost Gmail contacts

You should ideally export your Gmail contacts so that you have a back up of all the Gmail contacts. This will keep your contacts safe even you loose them from your Gmail account. You can export Gmail contacts by following below steps:

1. First you need to go to the old version of Google contacts.

2. After that click More > Export in the top left.

3. Then you can select which contacts you want to export.

a. "My Contacts" are contacts you created. You have two options here.

b. "All contacts" are contacts you created and other contacts you have emailed.

4. Now select Google CSV format.

5. Then click Export.

6. Now click your photo in the top right and then click Sign out.

This is how you can export your Gmail contacts in .CSV format which any time you can import and see on your computer.

Now if you f you deleted your Gmail contacts in the last 30 days then you can undo and restore those changes to retrieve your contacts. You should note that when you restore contacts to a certain time, such as one week ago, any contacts added after that time will not show up. You can follow below steps to restore lost Gmail contacts:

1. Go to Google contacts first.

2. Then click More > Undo changes.

3. After that you can choose a time to go back to.

4. And then click Confirm.

This is how you can restore your lost Gmail contacts up to a time period.

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Steps to delete email accounts on the iPhone or iPad

You can follow below steps to delete email accounts on the iPhone or iPad:

1. Go to the Add Account screen

You can start by tapping Settings
on the home screen of your device. After that you can scroll down and tap on Mail,
Contacts, Calendars. Tap Add Account. Here you will see some common email
services which include Google, Yahoo and Outlook. Now you can pick the email
service you want to delete. If you can’t find it then you can just tap Other.

2. Delete your email accocunt

If you ever need to delete an email account from your Apple device then you can start the process by going back into Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars. You will see all of your active accounts listed at the top of the page. Now you can tap the one you want to remove, and then tap Delete Account. Now you can confirm that you want to delete it by tapping Delete again in the pop-up window. You can repeat this process as required for any other accounts you want to remove. Now your deleted email account is gone from your iPhone or iPad.

Gmail customer service

When you need help for anything related to your Gmail account then you can seek Gmail customer service. You can get Gmail customer service through support page of Google and also though live chat and email facility. If you want you can also talk to the expert on phone. You have thus multiple ways to get Gmail customer service. They are super responsive and you will be fully satisfied once you get connected to Gmail customer service team. All your issues or query will be resolved quickly.

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Know everything about to use of CC and BCC in Gmail

Gmail is a popular email service offered by Google. You can compose an email and send it to a recipient in Gmail by typing his/her email address in the To field of Compose mail window. Now you have option of CC and BCC in Gmail also. CC means Carbon Copy which means that the email addresses that you write in this block will receive a copy of the email. BCC means Blind Carbon Copy. All the email addresses that you enter in this block will also receive a copy of the same email, but their names will not be listed in the headers that the recipient(s) sees. You do CC so that every one in the loop knows entire conversation. BCC is sued to send message to a bunch of people, where each receiver can't know to whom all it was copied as well.

CC means that all the email address that you are keeping this block should be in the loop of entire conversation but they are not directly being addressed here. So, if you are sending an email to your client then you keep his email address in To field and in CC you can keep your boss and other concerned people.

BCC means that you are sending same email to many people but all of them cannot see others email address except that of the sender and those in CC if any. You do it when for example you want take opinion on your product or new launch from multiple people. Now you can shoot the same email keeping all of them in BCC and none of recipient will know about the other recipients.

How many recipeients does Gmail allow in BCC?

Gmail allows you to send a message to not more than 500 recipients in a single day which includes To, CC and BCC email addresses.

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Change Gmail name on iPhone

Gmail is very popular. If you created your Gmail account and you use it on computer then it is good. If you carry iPhone and you have set up same Gmail account on your iPhone also and now you want to change your Gmail name on iPhone then you can do that. For some reason you may want to sometimes change the name that is displayed as the sender when sending emails from Gmail on iPhone then you can do that.

Steps to change my Gmail name on iPhone

You can follow below steps to change your display name on iPhone:

1. First on your iPhone go to Settings > Mail > Accounts.

2. After that select the email account you want to edit.

3. Now tap on the email address listed at the top of the Account tab.

4. Here you can delete the current name and replace it with the new one.

5. Now to complete the process of changing Gmail name on iPhone tap Done.

This is how you can change your Gmail name on iPhone.

Gmail customer care number

Gmail is super efficient email platform. You can use it in quick time to check your email, send and receive emails on the go as you can set up Gmail account on multiple devices like laptop, PC, smart phone, tablet etc. When you start using Gmail then even after long time you know that you are utilizing only some of the features of Gmail. Gmail also keeps bringing in new features so effectively you are using Gmail in bits and pieces. To use Gmail by taking full advantage of it you need to know about the unused features of Gmail and also how you can use them. You can go to support page on Google and choose Gmail to check out available information which is hugely great for any user. But you may get lost in the heap of information also. So, you can dial Gmail customer care number and ask directly about what you want to know about Gmail. This way you can get the answer very quickly and which will make you more informed about Gmail. You will now be using Gmail in a much better way. Just dial Gmail customer care number when you want to.

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Best computer repair and maintenance tips

Computer has become one of the important and best tool in the technology era which helps to make the people ahead in every aspect. It is always equipped with multiple features which are helpful for the users in different aspects. There are different brands of the computers available in the market making it easy for the users to choose from them and get the best system.

The system also requires time to time maintenance in order to make it going in a proper manner without any issue. If users find any issue then they need not to be worried as they can contact the support experts to get the solution. Here are the 8 best computer repair and maintenance tips for the users which will help them to keep their machine updated

Disk defragmentation

It is the process to reduce the fragmentation in the system. When the file is deleted from the system then it is not deleted completely some of the remnants occupy the space. Defragmentation clears out the space and makes it available for the users to work on it.

Protect your PC from cyber-threats

The most crucial part of working on the PC is to safe it from the cyber threats which might cause trouble to the users in their working. In order to avoid such situation, users are advised to keep their system updated and regularly update each and every program. The system data base should be updated in order to make it fully protected.

Remove unwanted temporary files and software from your PC

If there is any unnecessary files in the system then users are required to immediately remove the files from the system and make it free. Select the start option and type “temp”,”%temp” in the run command box and delete the temporary files. These files and software occupy the space and cause issue in the smooth functioning.

System recovery and backup service

While you get the blue screen error it is advised that at that point only users should do the system recovery. Backing up the system will make it sure that the data in the system will not be removed and they are safe.

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