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tried connecting the coordinate dots in order. didnt come up with anything meaningful unless i missed something.

Building on the suggestion of +Marc Plourde I went ahead and created a tab for pregens that can be used in any Numenera Games in this group and threw in the ones i'll be using in Metal Myk's Mercs. feel free to contribute to the pool if you make pregens for your own games.

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Disclaimer: These pregens were Made By +James Walls and given to me for use in an upcoming oneshot

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I know this is a long shot but since we have so many new members i'll give it a shot. As some of you know this Saturday is International Tabletop Day. I am going to be running a Numenera Adventure called Metal Myk's Mercs written by James Walls(you might have heard of him.) Where you all come in is i would like to take a stab at running it once before Saturday and the only night i have open is tomorrow April 26th. So if you don't have anything going on tomorrow night I can take anywhere from 3-5 players 

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ahem that's  'THE free company' good sir. 

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That Jackie Dingo sure gets around 

 So the "block" ability states that the next attack against you within the next minute automatically misses, and the "take the attack" cooperative action says that the attack you throw yourself in front of automatically hits. so does the attack hit or miss?

Hey all you G+ people, go and dust off your Facebook page you haven't used in 2 years and "like" the Monte Cook Games page so we can crack the last achievement and get some awesome hi-res wallpapers!!
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