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Sorry if this was asked before but is there a way to modify the colors of the navigation icons for the triangle circle and square? I wanted to make them black instead of white. I know there's a way to modify the lay out but didn't see an option fo4 color. Thanks 
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This was pretty funny I'm sorry
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Hey everyone. I don't know what it is but I'm just having too many issues with 5.5.1 before this version I had 3.5 running since Jan 12 and never ran in to am issue. Stupid me I didn't do a back up and now I can't find version 3.5 anywhere. Would it be possible for someone to post it for the d851 T-Mobile version? It would be much higher appreciated. Thanks in advance 
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Happy to help any time!
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Helloooooooooooooooooo Google +!
Is anyone out there!??!?!?!
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​I watched on my Raspberry for free.​
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Sorry if this has been brought up before but I live on nyc and just curious but they sent out an amber alert in the middle of the night. My wife's iPhone got it and they even brought it up on the news it was a pretty popular story around here cause it woke everyone up at 2 am. My phone didn't get the alert and I have the setting set to on under the emergency broadcast options under "more" any idea why I didn't get the alert? I was reading that cyanogen mod doesn't usually get amber alerts but I know this isn't based off that so was just curious. Thanks! 
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I got it on At&t. 
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I wrote this in the Q&A section and the main thread on the Rom as well. I just received a fit bit flex and I can't get it to connect. Also I continue to get background data is restricted and can't open up Google play without a reboot. This all happened with a full battery as well. Is the fit bit issue a known bug? My Bluetooth speaker connects fine in my house and in the car. Thanks in advance and sorry if this was asked already. 
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From my experience fit bits are tricksy. Think it's their software though as I've seen it with both android and iOS on multiple devices.
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