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beautiful but deadly!
Landscape Photography - Salt Patterns at Death Valley - State of California - USA.
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support the #EFF  
The STRONG Patents Act ignores the biggest problems with our patent system and turns back the clock on real reform.
"Reform" refers to making changes in something in order to improve it. The STRONG Patents Act, introduced yesterday by Sens. Coons, Durbin, and Hirono, claims to be a "reform" bill—in reality, it would achieve the exact opposite.
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I love them too, Chrystal
When Life Hands You Lemons....Eat DOVE®  Fruit #ad #LoveDoveFruits
When Life Hands You Lemons....Eat DOVE® Fruits #ad.
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#SaudiArabia  : where beheadings are state-sanctioned and #Obama  /Obummer went to pay respect to a dead king and to greet a new king.
#NotCool  , Mr. President, not cool.
A man who posted a video online of himself ripping up a Koran and beating the shredded holy book with a shoe is to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia for renouncing his Muslim faith.
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Definitely. Go check this out.
Check out the new girl, Annabella March on one of my favorite blogs Living A Life of Writing ..
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Attention Atheist Community:

My name is Rev. John Humes. I am a Christian Minister and a United States Marine Corps Veteran. I understand you are one of the few respectful Atheist Communities, as I have read through many of the posts on here. That being said, and in accordance with your guidelines, I wish to pick your brain. Not for debate, for strength. I will be conducting a study session within my ministry next month, during which we will be covering the negative and more challenging passages of the Bible; many modern day Christians have lost sight of the truth, that our faith is not all rainbows and sunshine being blown out of everyone's ass. Their are many questions and counter arguments to the reality of our faith, and I figure the Atheist Community is the best place to get them. 

So, I am asking anyone who wishes to provide input to send me a personal message with their problems, questions, errors, concerns, etc., with the Christian Faith. There are no restrictions. I want the cold hard truth, from the atheist perspective.

It should be known that I plan to disect the responses, and use them for our own study purposes. I will not tag/include anyone from the Atheist community, unless specifically asked to do so. I will not post our studies in your community, unless asked specifically to do so. I appreciate any and all responses, other than "Fuck You" [this has been done]. 

Thank You.
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#bookreview   authorship of books of the N.T. and other stuff that may interest #atheists  , #nontheists  , #freethinkers  and some #Christians  
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check this out.
Well if Obama isn't going to read intelligence reports then why should Israel be allowed to look at them?
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Check out this new group on G+
I just signed up for notifications.
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#Bloggers  : go do it!
Slowly (very slowly) it's starting to look like I know what I am doing. If you have a blog or two or three or how ever many it takes to get the word out, please add your links to the DIY Blog directory (Teamwork Page), if you stop by.
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