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Would like to hear from people that have built both types of corexy printers. Im referring to the D-bot design vs the vulcanus type. The 2040 vwheels style vs bearings and rods.
What differences did you find between them? From the building to the performance?

Anyone else using dual extruders just to have different nozzle sizes ready for printing?
I have some questions about this.
If you had one a volcano and one regular what kind of holder would you use? Or maybe better to use a volcano .4 nozzle as well to keep even.
World I keep both nozzle same height of find a way to slightly lift unused nozzle while printing?
Should I use a separate stepper driver or make some kind of switching device and manually choose which one to use?
Any other suggestions appreciated...

I asked on a facebook group what slicers do if the line width isn't divisible by the nozzle width size. Only got one response from someone that says cura will print thinner lines. Does anyone know more about this? Seems very common.

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There seems to be a lot of confusion whether an e3d v6 hotend should have a ptfe liner. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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If I wanted to print this item as fast as possible. What kind of settings would I change and still get a functional machine? What size nozzle?

I started using one large fan to cover the whole build area. I find this to be better than individual fans for the print and heatsink. and way easier to install and maintain. Is there something Im missing as to why this wasnt the way printers were designed?

I have old prusa i3 that needs to be udgraded keeping most of the same parts. I also think it would be cool if i printed everything including the frame (pla) using my larger printer. Like all in one print somehow. Any ideas?

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I posted recently asking about the potential of a makerfarm business that fits somewhere between small 3dhubs and shapeways but I don't think I explained myself well. Take for example this beautiful model / project. Is there any service that can print and guarantee you a beautiful finished project including the electronic attachments. I don't believe there is. While this is a beautiful design just look at the comments and you can understand that it's difficult to get right. There are hundreds if not thousands of designs like this. Sure the creator can print it properly but many creators would rather a farm do the work and just take a nice cut. This is the idea I was thinking of. A service that has experience with designs and offers to print them properly.
Would like to hear what you guys think about such a business model. I hope I'm explaining myself.

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Ditto Printing with separated nozzles! I would like to start a discussion and offer some guidance as well as some useful models that can help others with what I believe is a great feature that most printers are capable of with some tweaking and for some reason very little help or info online. I'm just unsure which platform to use. I know of thingaverse, github, youmagine....
Any ideas which would work best for this kind of project?
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