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Most definitely an unfinished work in progress....
Most definitely an unfinished work in progress....


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The wonders of a simple smile.
London can be a vast and mean city, with continually acts of mundane cruelty.

Last month, I saw a woman with two suitcases struggling up the staircase from the tube. People streamed by, not one offering to help, a few even bumping her as they hustled past.

I offered her a hand getting to the top of the stairs. Her momentary bemusement and suspicion quickly faded. She seemed so relieved and looked at me with this big, honest smile.

And I felt this smile of my own spread across my face.

After I helped her up the stairs and into a taxi, the image of that smile stayed with me. So much so, that whole day I found myself beaming to co-workers, to people on the street, to people in the elevator - they didn’t see it coming. It’s as is if, for a moment we were reminded that everyone around us is human.

Research pushes the drastic benefits of smiling to our health, that connection of a smile can break the impact of loneliness.

It’s no surprise that people who categorise themselves as lonely have a shorter life span. The shocker is that these people aren’t necessarily alone - well over half were married, indicating the benefits of investing in the nature of our interactions.

A smile is just that outward sign of happiness. And happiness has its dividends - less colds, less heart disease, less chance of a stroke, less chance of diabetes, and on and on and on...

Although too often we are so busy chasing the big deal that we forget the intricacies of life, the things that makes us feel loved, the things that makes us feel human.

What can you do? How can you shock some good into society?

"Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles."
- George Eliot
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Sad but true !!

For more Please follow here > +Amusing World
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Words by Sat Shaan to think of into a  new year
It was one drink more than I needed.  I’d moved from pleasantly buzzed to something… well, less pleasant.

This was one of the diviest hotel bars I’d ever been to – low lighting, surly bartender, and that smell of stale beer and ashtray.

It was packed on a cold Saturday night. I found myself with a group that were the loudest people in there.  My throat hurt from trying to make myself heard. Maybe that’s why I kept drinking.

I was in town for a tech conference and had run into a friend. Let's call him David, because something about him reminded me of a young David Tennant. I hadn’t seen him in a few years, and he looked like he hadn't changed. He was always one of those people who felt like he was on the verge of greatness. I remember the last thing he said to me - “this industry is getting tiring - i'm venturing into new land."

He said it right after canceling our last meeting, to start a project with these new guys. Knowing David it was going to be something special.

Which is why, after the last speaker, I promised David we would catch up. I thought we might hang out with the speakers and some of the people I’d been following online.

But David had something else planned, and I found myself at this ashtray bar with a bunch of lively strangers - David's new gang.

This group was a mix of ages but uniform in gender: male. To a man, they thought David was hot shit. They laughed at his jokes and agreed with his views, making him the alpha in a world of betas.

After we'd spent a bit of time comparing British and American Sports, I tried to ask about their work…

Conversations can feel like rollercoasters, moving up and down and on to something else. I'm not sure how that prompted the conversation about personal accomplishment, but maybe the prowess of athletes make us think about our personal highlight reel.

One shouts “I’ll tell you the hardest thing I ever did was run a marathon. I trained for-“

And then someone else interrupts “A marathon?! That’s nothing. Try hiking. It’s not the distance. It’s the elevation that gets you. This one time-“

And then another interruption “You think hiking is hard. Me and my buddies kyak.”

And it went on like this. And it was odd to hear David chime in.

"That's nothing, you should try boxing. That's a sport for real men." (I'd hear this sort of stuff before. (Link to Real Man))

Ultimately it’s benign one-upmanship. But it felt incredibly uncharitable. It also felt like they dodged every time I prompted David to talk about his work or anything he might be passionate about.

Only then did I noticed David looked faint - he told me it was the jet lag but he’d only caught a two hour flight. Something felt off...

Then our rollercoaster car, took another sharp swerve.

David offered:

“To hear women tell it, the hardest thing you could ever do is be pregnant.”

Everyone laughed.

Everyone but me laughed.

I didn’t like where this was going. But I stayed silent through the dumbly misogynistic ramble that followed.  Maybe I should have said something, but I didn’t know these guys… And I certainly didn't feel like I knew David anymore.

I tell you more, but honestly, I stopped listening.

When there was a lull I excused myself to my hotel room.

In the elevator I found myself wondering what my life would have been like if those people had been my friends. Would I have been laughing along with them?

This isn't just a matter of an old friend getting drunk and acting like a bit of a cock. David had transformed on a fundamental level. When he changed his crowd, he changed himself. By hanging around shit he started smelling like it.

Not only did he devolve into dumb jokes and petty machismo, he left so much else behind. I never heard him once talk about what his dreams and his hopes - and this was a guy who used to wear those on his sleeve. He was always proud of the work he was doing and pushing himself to accomplish more.

After we would hang out, I used to feel inspired. But this time, I just felt a little sick.

He had chosen to surround himself with people who looked up to him and he had fallen to their level.

If you want to take your game to the next level, show up where the best hang out. Spend time with people who challenge you, people who inspire you, people you hope to be like.

Your world view will change and their skills and talents will rub off. After all, it's human nature to adapt to our surroundings.
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The question of truth is forever in the air, and people look for it with particular fervor in art.
Duane Michals

Surrealistic Photography by trini61
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Season's greetings to everyone, and best wishes for the rest of the year and the new one that soon approaches! 
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When you hear her its impossible to deny that she is gifted. Where was she all this time...people VOTE Tessanne!! At this point its like a of the best covers of Whitney I've ever heard...astounded.
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Thanks for the invite :D

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Amazing voice! Touched immensely! Vote Tessanne Chin. She's already the Voice, but confirmation is needed.
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Buen día a todas y muchas gracías a +Monica Calvo por la invitación, Espero aprender un montón de cosas sobre España y los demás partes de Europa aquí! Saludos!
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