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And now for something completely different…..
  Blog much? No, not really. So what’s been going on? Something that is TOTALLY NOT
RUNNING! After I ran a 50k at a 12 hour race last year and decided I
had zero interest in running the 50 mile race I had trained for, I kind of
found myself floundering. I h...

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When one of my nephews was about 2 or 3, he was playing in a
fountain. He was so overwhelmed with pure joy and that all he do was scream FUN!!!!! That’s kind of how I felt for most of the race I did on
Saturday. I had a plan of running 31 miles during my 12...

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Ready Set..... GO!!!!!
It’s been a weird year. Due to some hypothyroid stuff, the
last race I ran was in July 2015 and it was a half marathon that I knew I
shouldn’t be doing, but it was a great excuse to hang out with a friend on some
new trails for a few hours. Shortly after th...

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Avoiding the Gottas....
A forced break from running, a reassessment of how I run,
and a reassessment of what I want from running in the past year have been
terribly frustrating. On a bad day, it’s heartbreaking to look at all the
running I used to do and the way I could do it when...

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Change is Weird
I read a few old blog posts today, which is awesome, because
it’s kind of like having a diary to go back to. It was really cool to read some
things about old races and training, what worked, what failed, what seemed like
a good idea, what was a horrible ide...

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NEW YEAR! what to do.... what to do....
It’s the time of year where people start resolving..   I’m gonna workout more I’m gonna eat better I’m gonna clean the toilet more than once a quarter… You know, the usual. Me? Well, I had a complete meltdown at
my gym the other day because my personal trai...

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A Much Needed Run Without a Ton of Running...
So, I’m in this place right now where I’m not really
training for anything. I’m more trying to train myself to understand my body. I’m
feeling better enough that my brain wants me to DO EVERYTHING! But my body,
doctor, and logical brain know that now is not...

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Goals for 2015: Do a chin-up Do a pistol squat Run a 50 miler Actual Occurrences in 2015: Hypothyroid Adrenal exhaustion Lost most of my progress in weight lifting Gained 10 pounds Did not start 3 races I was registered for (including 50
miler) Oh sure this...

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I'm Sorry... But
I used to tell my husband that when he said, “I’m sorry, but…..”
that he wasn’t really sorry.   I volunteered at a race this weekend and all day I kept
thinking… OMG this is so fun, but…… It was fun. It was super satisfying and I got to spend the
day with t...

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It's not JUST about running..... Thank god.
A couple of weeks ago I got an email from someone
asking to speak with me for an article… for the CHICAGO TRIBUNE! Once my brain
got over the initial shock and I began to process this idea, I of course
emailed back and said SURE! Then I became paralyzed wit...
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