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Quick prawn curry
A glut of cherry tomatoes would have to be one of life’s
most charming problems. Small, juicy and impossibly red the best solution is to
pop them straight into your gob and enjoy the tomatoey explosion. Whilst we have made a fair dent in their bountiful har...

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Pimped coleslaw
‘ Strayla day is all about the BBQ. Nothing stirs up a sense
of national pride that the waft of sausages is sizzling and onions frying.     Its day
steeped in nostalgia as we recall the summers of our youth and the marvel at
how far we have come from the da...

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Salad days
Here we are after a summer of fun. Routine is beckoning, but bathers, sand and
the sweet scent of sun cream lotion still happily make their presence felt in
our day to day life as we wait for the crescendo that is school opening its
doors for another year. ...

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Chocolate Salami
  At this time of year it’s always handy to have a little
something that you can whip up faster than 2 verses and a chorus of Jingle
bells. With no baking and minimal dexterity required this chocky
treat is utterly splendid. Wodged together to resemble sala...

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Relish the moment - beetroot edition
Whilst I am on a festive roll I think it’s time we had a
chat about beetroot relish. Its a failsafe part of my Yule arsenal. I have given
it numerous times as gifts to great accolades and have found it a saviour to
have on hand to jolly up any summer entert...

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Relish the moment (part 2)
Rhubarb relish This peppy scented
relish is a surprising detour from traditional condiments. Richly spiced with
festive flavour its rather delicious with sharp cheeses and can transform a ham
sandwich it something really rather special. 1 Tbs olive oil 2 on...

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An astonishing knowledge of fruit cakes
When it comes
to Yule baking the lines between being eccentric and prepared are somewhat
blurred. On one hand
it makes perfect sense to spend considerable time constructing multi layered
origami collars with a fit so precise a London tailor would be proud. ...

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Some very scenic breakfasts
The Floral Apron family tour bus has been busy of late. It’s
has been a delight to discover that Kiwi’s take their public holidays seriously
and in the month of November we have enjoyed 2 long weekends!! This has
resulted in some outrageously scenic breakfa...

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Mussel time
They say that calm seas do not a
skilled mariner make, and so with the hurly burly of family life and notable absence
of an IT department my fledgling blogg has suffered. But I am guessing that I am not
the Lone Ranger in having an erratic ebb and flow of d...
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