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Keep smiling always..
Keep smiling always..

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Move documents along with versioning
Keep in mind that below approach works only within the site
collection level.  I mean to say here is it is not
possible to move the documents between libraries across site collection
levels. The best approach to move the documents between the libraries alon...

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Get sharepoint Host Web Url using REST
Just do copy paste the below code and execute it. Note: The below shared code is 100% verified/executed. Appmanifest.xml : Set read level permisisons to the web Default.aspx : The host web title is: <label id="HostwebTitle"></label> app.js : var hostweburl;...

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How managed metadata works in CQWP
Good articles: Please read the below good articles for querying the managed metadata column values through Content Query Web part:

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Lists and Libraries: Class Day3
In this article, I have covered almost 70-80% of topics on SharePoint Lists and libraries. please feel free to reach me if have any clarifications or more information required on it. Topics : 1) List and Library 2) site columns and List
columns 3) site cont...

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SharePoint 2016 tutorials: Class Day2
In Day 1 session, we
discussed why  SharePoint technology is
now on demand and how much the importance of having an clear idea about on software
and hardware boundaries. In Day 2 session, we
will cover the below topics: SharePoint
configuration. SharePoint ...

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SharePoint 2016 tutorials
Class Day 1: What/Why is SharePoint and use of it? SharePoint is browser based
collaboration/web  platform. You can
access it from anywhere. Enterprise Content management Example : Document Management [Sharing/versionsing/Checkin&Checkout/Permisisions/Searc...

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Sharepoint Event Receiver FAQs
How to handle the access denied event for
RunWithElevatedPrivileges ? How to define/use SPSite and SPWeb objects in event
receivers? How to handle the event receiver scope level  in event receiver? The Modified By/Modified columns should not be updated if

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SP list view web address issue
Issue : SharePoint
list web address is not displaying the absolute URL: Description :
Recently, we migrated SharePoint 2010 applications to 2013. While doing content
validation in SP2013 to check whether all the metadata is migrated properly, we
found an is...

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sharepoint faq's:listvslibrary
I had faced below listed issues
while doing migration from SharePoint 2007/2010 to 2013: Quick Edit view issue: Quick Edit view: Result: Get "Assertion Failed: Brea...

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Solve edit page not working issue
Edit the sharepoint page: Append the below one to the url if you are unable to edit the sharepoint pages and then now try to click on edit page option. problem solved. ?toolpaneview=2 Example: URL: Please le...
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