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Set all Negativity aside and try one more time!
Set all Negativity aside and try one more time!

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Cazenovia Triathlon Review
This post is also a little late, but one to share The Race was 4 weeks after IMLP. I was feeling pretty good going into the race. I was still feeling like I wasn't recovering from my runs as fast as I should, but felt confident in my ability to complete the...

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Ironman Lake Placid In a nut shell.
Now that I finally have time to really reflect on my Race and finally accept what the outcome was, I can begin to write this blog. The morning of I was feeling pumped and energized. I didn't have any doubts going into the race as to whether I would finish o...

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Ironman Lake Placid Recap #1
I have been absent from Blogging for the last month because something had to give! Being a Busy mommy of 2, work demands and of course training for one of the biggest races was super time consuming. I am back to document the journey to Ironman! We arrived t...

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Cooperstown Triathlon Recap
This past Sunday I competed in my first Triathlon of the season. I wanted to do a sprint just to nail some transition changes prior to Syracuse 70.3. ATC Endurance puts on some pretty superb races and I was grateful to Bike Loft East to offer a entry for me...

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IMLP Training Weeks 25 and 26, 2 races and a whole lot of Bling!
I am not going to go all into details about the last 2 weeks, just that training is in Full force that it is getting hard to keep the blog up as well. I am trying to make some gains in running, which is my limiter, but it seems like the harder I try, I stil...

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Ironman Lake Placid Training week #24
I am behind on my Blogging big time. Ironman training has taken over and the little things are starting to take a back burner. I give you the quick and dirty version. I got a lot of riding in and it was a little better with the weather. I won my Age group i...

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Ironman Lake Placid Training Week #23
I can't believe I didn't post on last weeks training! I am slacking! Training is Ramping up and it is going so smoothly, I can't even phathom how good I feel! I am enjoying every aspect of training and I am so glad I have a great partner in crime to go on t...

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Ironman Lake Placid Training week #22
What a week last week was! The weather was still crappy and couldn't really get outside too much. Did my 3:30 long bike on the trainer yet again. I did manage to enjoy the peek of nice weather we had on Sunday. With that saying, no snow and no rain. I tried...

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Ironman Lake Placid Training Week #21
This was a Down week coming off the Syracuse Half Marathon. I rested pretty well the first few days, but then was dying to get back into training. Surprisingly, I wasn't that sore post half Marathon although I knew my body was weaker. I didn't do any speedw...

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IMLP Training Week #20
Last week was a down week. A little recovery before the big Half Marathon. The begining of the week I felt sluggish. I backed off on some strength training as to not add more stress to my mucles before the race. I did work on upper body, but held up on the ...
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