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Okay folks, I'm tired of bug reports about Opensim, so here is some actual Dreamworld playtime. Go ahead and post pics of your sim or anything you've made here.

I made a HUD for Wonder Womans 's sword and shield so she can fight. It's been uploaded and debugged in Dreamworld to auto-adjust the position to where you put it on screen, and all the buttons click now. Animations go in it next.

These buttons from Left to Right draw the sword, make the shield appear, bring up the fight screen, and take you to a Help menu. The bottom blue bar is your health indicator for when you get hit. The fight screen has the same look, but has rows of blue and green buttons to play animations to attack and defend.


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Google is dropping an A-bomb on the StartCom certificate authority (CA). Certificate Authorities issue SSL certificates so you can trust web sites are who they say they are, and they encrypt the data. I've been following this since StartCom issued a wrong wildcard SSL certificate for Github, and were caught backdating unsecure certificates. They also tried to hide being sold to a Chinese firm. Firefox and Google did a partial ban, and now Google is shutting them off entirely.

Why is this here and what do I do about it? You don't need to do a thing, though you should check that your Opensim providers web site has SSL enabled. I don't think this ban on StartCom SSL certificates will affect you unless you have a StartCom or Wosign certificate on your personal web site. It should not affect the Opensim Dreamworld either. But it could happen.

I had hoped to to use their low-cost wild-card certificate in Dreamworld V2.0 so that all 1,392 Dreamworld grids will have safe, secure SSL protected logins. That is not going to happen now. However, a free wildcard certificate will be available in January, from LetsEcnrypt.

I have been using a StartCom issued code-signing certificate to sign the Dreamworld's Opensim executables so that you know it's compiled by me and is safe to run. The Google ban hammer should not affect that. But just in case something does happen, I bought a Digicert Class-2 code-signing certificate a few weeks ago, and have now used it to re-encrypt all the code in Dreamworld so that you know that it came from me. Digicert is a A+ BBB-rated Certificate Authority

If you right click and run Start.exe or Opensim.exe as an Administrator, you will see it is signed by me personally. New downloads will see it signed by Outworldz, LLC, which is me. I also updated the SSL certs on the web site so all the data is safely encrypted in transit.

Confirmation both certificates are good:

~ Ferd/Fred

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Now with lens flares! This model has an armature for the free 3-D world of Opensimulator/Second Life. Model is made in Blender, painted in Substance Painter 2, and rendered in Iray, with no Photoshop. The video is a friend wearing it in Opensim, and is rendered in real time. Did I mention she has lens flares?

She is made specifically for Opensim, a free Second life compatible server that runs with just a click on any Windows PC. The server and client are open source, MIT license, and 100% free. I've released an easy installer for it and a lot of free 3D mesh content for it at

Posted to "Show Off Your Art", for the model and the server code.

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These is a wicked sense of humor in this one. 

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Not sure if, or how, they got permission to show even this little bit of #Sansar. But I can't talk about that. I can say this video only hints at how pretty PBR materials at 60 FPS are, and hints at how long it takes to actually go anywhere. It's like playing No Mans Sky with no inventory.

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Version 2.0 booted this weekend. There is still a long way to go in it, and I have no timeline yet for a beta, or a release.

This is what I expect to be in it:

Gloebits module to let you sell things. You will just need to create an account with Gloebits, and follow some instructions.
Full Grid mode with Robust.exe so you can expand to more than one computer
Single Binary: All Opensim instances run from a one opensim.exe in one folder. I also set up my own grid to do this - it works great and is much easier to update.
Bird module by Jak Daniels that lets prims fly and gather into flocks. Honk honk
Simplified Advanced menu for all you nooblets
Expert Menu for many more things like database and grid setups so you can break it much more easily. I am considering adding a timer to this so it breaks every month using a random number generator ( j/k )
Rolling log files for each region. The current system has all region and robust logs in one file. You can still have multiple INI files in one instance.
Source code for Opensim included so you can back-or forward compile to a different release..

There is more but its not coded yet so may not make it. They may have to wait for V 3.0/

I am still debating whether this is an upgrade or a new V2.0 system. I want to update to a better version of Mysql with better security, but it will not be backwards compatible. That means it will take OARs and IARs to move current content over from the 1.XX family.

Obligatory cat tax: This is Norman, who found out how to open the hallway door.


Growth of the Dreamworlds: - There is an installed base of 1,330 grids, far more than the 'big guys'. 5% of you run 0.9.1, 95% run, and about 1/3 get loopback to work right out of the box.

At this moment, 12.2% of all grids that are online are Dreamworlds, so you can see that almost all of us start and stop on demand. I like to think of it as people vote with their clicks.

I have started on adding a C++ proxy server to V2.0 that will cure the problem of loopback once and for all. The proxy already runs perfectly, but it requires integration to be 100% transparent to the end user.

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WIP of a scratch-built avatar in Blender and Substance Painter for wear in Openmsimulator, a free Second Life alternative for 3-D models. 

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+Debbie Edwards showing off some moves as the Wonder Woman of Opensim. This is the first upload so there are still some things to fix up and some bits to add - like her sword and sound effects. 

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It's been a long time since I saw Spunow bars for sale. 
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