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Caleb Rogers
I'll know I'm where I need to be when I can afford sushi every day.
I'll know I'm where I need to be when I can afford sushi every day.

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Final Projects at a Coding Bootcamp
We've hit the final sprint at Makersquare, which means we've been plopped into groups of 4 with whom we'll be coding a magnificent app that will represent the culmination of our last 12 weeks in the program. Group work has been presenting its own set of cha...

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Surviving a Coding Bootcamp - Nearly Halfway Done at Makersquare
Life at Makersquare has fairly normalized. There's not much in the way of ego-shattering surprises anymore, though every moment has stayed fresh. Our cohort has settled into a comfortable familiarity, the short time we've known eachother counteracted by the...

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4 weeks in at Makersquare coding bootcamp
Week 4 about to end here, incredible really because we're just about a few weeks away from another incoming group of juniors. In that time, we've sprinted from bare-bones javascript through ES6, data structures, using Node.js, and are hitting databases. Bei...

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Chest-Deep into a Coding Bootcamp
The last 2 months: Scrambling to learn enough Javascript to pass a coding interview so as to get into a coding bootcamp. Scrambling to pack everything we own into my car, then drive it to San Francisco. Scrambling to find a place to live. Scrambling to help...

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Just a Week in Taiwan
I'm back in Houston now. Kailin picked me up, then made me pick her up. The TSA was annoyed by this and hollered at us until we left. I tried driving and made it 5 minutes before I nearly drove us off a bridge. Leaning in a car doesn't help you turn. A day ...

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Hanoi is a tricky place. I thought it was more rich than Ho Chi, but I've had a couple Vietnamese tell me they think the opposite. Things are certainly more expensive in Hanoi. There's more density, it seems, as well. More museums, more government buildings...

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Made it to Hanoi
Arrived this morning in Hanoi at 6am. We were scheduled to arrive at 8am and the bus had showed up at our hostel an hour late, so I can only assume he tore up the north of Vietnam like a bat out of hell. I wouldn't know, I was unconscious in my odd recliner...

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Stamina and Mountain Passes
The last two days have been nothing but riding. We started in Hoi An with the national park near Dong Hoi, famous for its caves, as our destination. That meant an approximately 350km journey across switchbacked mountain passes. Adding to the difficulty was ...

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Convinced Ana to ride with me from Dalat to NHA Trang. Turns out we've all been saying "nah trang" but it's actually "National Heritage Area, Trang." Ana was on the fence and kept asking "are you sure you can get us both there? And all our bags?" I assured ...
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