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Surprising Facts About Nelson Mandela
# 1 Rebel Nelson is the name that Mandela was given by a missionary schoolteacher.
His birth/Tribal name is actually Rolihlahla and it means
‘Troublemaker’ or 'Pulling the Branch of the Tree'.  # 2 The Black Struggle In 2010, Mandela's ex-wife Winnie was ...

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How 3D Printing Is Going To Change The World
# 1 How Did 3D Printing Begin? A 3D printer is similar to a normal printer, however a normal printer
produces ink on paper. 3D printers, on the other hand, layer atoms on
top of each other to create, or print, actual 3D objects. It
sounds fascinating, ri...

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This is the Last Photo of Paul Walker, Ever
Paul Walker has passed, who took this final picture of the Fast and Furious star? On November 30th, 2013 Fast & Furious star Paul Walker passed away
after a fatal car crash in a Porsche Carrera GT. Walker was leaving a
charity event to raise money for vic...

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The Evolution of Superman
# 1 1940 - Ray Middleton Ray Middleton (not pictured) was born in Chicago, Illinois, and he was the first man to ever play Superman in public. Ray
Middleton donned the Superman outfit on July 3, 1940, during the New
York World's Fair's "Superman Day" as t...

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Child Actors Who Got REAL Ugly
# 1 I See Ugly People In the years since he creeped us out on The Sixth Sense and as a robot
boy on A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Haley Joel Osment has grown up and
put on a noticeable few extra pounds. And those formerly haunting
doe-eyes now just seem ...

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15 Pictures That Will Make Your Heart Stop
# 1 Extreme Skiing This is the sort of photo that screams " THIS WILL ONLY END BADLY! " We hope for his sake that was not the case. In other news, lots of people die while extreme skiing.  # 2 Rocking the Trolltunga This is the most bad ass picture this gir...

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5 Astuces à apprendre maintenant !
1 - Boite pour Sandwich    Voici une nouvelle utilisation pour votre ancienne boite de CD -rom ! 2 - Peliez vos vêtements verticalement  Une telle idée simple ! En empilant verticalement vos vêtements dans vos tiroirs , vous pouvez les voir tous. 3 - Rayure...
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