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You can't let anyone demean you just so that they can validate themselves.

Too often people will always point out your flaws and shortcomings or one mistake out of a million good things you have done just so that they can validate themselves because it is their way of trying to convince themselves that you are not as awesome and as amazing as God created you to be and as they know.

So the next time someone demeans you ... shrug your shoulders because your awesomeness is just too overwhelming.

It’s the people that laugh the hardest that are crying the loudest. 
Because they sacrifice their tears for the smiles of those around them.
It’s the ones walking around with biggest smiles that carry weary hearts.
They keep it together so those around them do not need to worry.
It’s the ones that love the most that hurt the deepest.
Because they will sacrifice their own happiness for the happiness of others.
It’s the ones that care that often are left abandoned. 
Because the moment they decide to care for themselves it’s seen as a selfish act.
Each day I pray that the Lord gives me the heart to care for myself before worrying about others because often those are the people whose well-being will always come before yours. 
It kills them to see you happy, it kills them to see you in a positive space, and it kills them that you are living.
They would rather see your soul dead than you have any shred of life within you. 
I pray that the Lord gives me the mind to understand and accept that not everything I do in life will be pleasing to everyone especially if they do not benefit from its fruits.
Being a mother has not only taught me a lot about myself but also a lot about men. They have a certain sense of entitlement and someone that has a high sense of entitlement lacks the good character of appreciation.
First Monday of a New Year I would like to declare that I will no longer give myself to anyone or anything that fails to appreciate me. I will no longer waste time on people that do not value my presence or the mere fact that I exist against all odds. I will no longer care for people that can’t care enough about themselves to value the people that have cared for them.
Don’t keep someone imprisoned in your heart because you want them to become a slave of your happiness.

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I don't want to die,
But my mind feels old;
My body is so tired
And my heart grows cold;
Hands itch to slice--
Just the skin--just the skin,
Blood flows out as the pain seeps in.
They wanna give me pills
To treat a pain they haven't seen;
They try to cure the symptoms
Without knowing what it means,
To pick apart my brain
Without dirtying their hands,
While I drown in a sorrow
That I can't understand,
While unhelpful friends throw
Such unhelpful advice:
"Stop feeling sad!"
"Think of things that are nice!"
Meanwhile I wish
for an end to the pain. 
I don't need any pills--
Just send me a train. 

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I'm strong I'm sure a lady with a plan
Standing in storm keep fighting im with the lord my strength my real hero 😊

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