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We listen. We ask questions. Together we make progress.
We listen. We ask questions. Together we make progress.


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The +Stephensons Catering Equipment show stand at Northern bar & Restaurant 2014 attracted plenty of attention!

Our client's stand proved hugely popular at the North's biggest hospitality event.

Thom Hetherington, Managing Director of Northern Restaurant & Bar, said: “The show is 15% bigger this year and stand bookings have gone through the roof with the exhibition a sell out.

“The hospitality industry in the North has gone from strength to strength and with visitor pre reg breaking all records, the show reflects the confidence, ambition and aspiration amongst the leading operators.”

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Our show stand for Industrial Clutch Parts has been popular at the European Wind Energy Association 2014 event.

Based on stand 7F103 at EWEA 2014, ICP has been show casing their latest range of industrial sintered friction material for wind turbine rotor blades.

Well established in the aftermarket industry for the manufacturing of high quality friction material, ICP are now increasingly finding recognition in OEM markets with brake manufacturers.

During this week’s exhibition, the ICP stand has received a lot of attention as owners of wind turbines and large wind turbine farms seek high quality friction material with a long service life to replace, now, out-of warranty components.

ICP sintered friction material FTL510 is extremely stable, even at high temperatures and is kinder to its corresponding surface in comparison to inferior alternatives. Similarly, ICP non-metallic bearing type FTL181 friction pads are now successfully used in a wide range of Yaw Brake applications, gaining success combining durable long life, smoothness in operation and are completely noise free.

Each year, the European Wind Energy Association event brings together over 60 nationalities from across the world during which the wind energy industry showcases and demonstrates its latest products and services.

For more information please contact our customer service team on 01663 734 624 or visit the EWEA website. Keep up to date with the latest from ICP by following @ClutchesBrakes and like the ICP facebook page.

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Designing Your Design Brief In Five Steps.
We have assembled five core elements of a design brief to help get you on your way.

Compiling the initial design brief for your business be it the branding, website design or logo design can be a daunting task. It’s also an essential task and one of the most important in any design project. Feel the pressure? You needn't. Whilst the design brief is a fundamental reference point for both the client and designer it’s important to remember that nothing is set in stone. 

1) It's all about you:
    Nobody knows your business like you do so let’s start with the basics: who are you and what do you do? How long have you been in business? Who are your customers and who are your competitors? It’s important for your designer to build up an understanding about your company and this is your chance to really shout about what makes your business special. 

2) Characterising your values:
    What are you company values and what do you want to portray with your branding? Let’s keep things basic by considering the following list of preferences to determine which values convey your company’s personality. Your business will not strictly be one or the other but consider which way your values lean and how strong are they?
• Feminine Vs Masculine
• Young Vs Mature
• Luxury Vs Economical
• Modern Vs Classic
• Light-hearted Vs Serious
• Loud Vs Quiet
• Simple Vs Complex
• Subtle Vs Obvious

3) Now we’re talking:
    At this point your designer will have an understanding about your company and you have cleared the ground for the foundations of your design project. You must now discuss the project aims and objectives. Are you requiring a completely new design or are you looking to refresh your current branding to achieve better results?

4) Setting the mood: 
    Remember that image on Google and that logo you’ve seen in the newspaper? Tell your designer about them! Anything that you have seen, read or heard that has caught your attention is helpful perfect for your design brief. 
Put together some inspiring mood boards and consider the following:
• Colour
• Imagery
• Typography
• Tone
    You may not know how to use that image on Google but if it has inspired you it will be an asset to your designer. Design examples are gold dust in the designing world. Remember when I said designers are not mind readers? Well examples offer the perfect vision into your mind about what you like and, just as importantly, what you don’t like.

5) Time in a bottle:
    A redesign is often triggered by a significant event with a penned date in the diary. Even if your design is not ahead of a key business milestone it is important to establish a timescale. This timescale will allow you to keep track of the project and give your designer deadlines to work with. Bear in mind that that there are many stages to the design process and the longer the timescale the more scope your designer has to achieve your perfect design. 
    Closely related to your schedule is of course budget. Tell your designer what your budget is because it will allow them to tailor their services to benefit the project. Even if you can only offer a roundabout estimate for now, it’s enough to get the ball rolling.
    A professional designer will advise you on the feasibility of your timescale and budget. It’s a working relationship so work them and together you will achieve your objectives.

Read the full blog here:

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Why you shouldn't ignore Google+.
Another great article that's well worth a read.

#SocialMedia #GooglePlus #Tips

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Guest blogging advice
#seotips   #Google   #Blogging  
Are you panicking that your search engine traffic is about to tank because you’ve published guest posts on your blog? Here's what matters and how to fix it:

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The Death of Facebook Organic Reach - Where to go from here...
A look ahead at social media marketing in 2014 and how the death of facebook's organic reach will change your social media strategy

   With everything that went on in the world of social media last year, it's exciting to see what 2014 will bring. Infographics, video and content marketing are almost certainly set to continue to grow but it is how you use them that will really count this year.
   2013 saw forward thinking businesses begin to understand the importance of a social media presence. 2014, however, will require much more than just a presence; it will require a strategic strategy plan which will ensure engagement and interaction with customers and clients.
   Whilst it is still possible to make a free facebook account, you now have to pay for page posts should you want anyone to see them. Facebook themselves, state that pages will only organically reach 16% of their fans on average, although in reality that figure actually seems to be well below 10%. Whilst this may not be a problem for big brands, smaller businesses may seriously need to reconsider their social media strategy.
So, Google Plus? That's what we think what about you?

Read the full article in our latest blog here:  

#SocialMedia #Facebook #Marketing
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