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Would You Buy a Home You've Never Seen In Real Life?

Buying a home you haven't seen is easier than ever but it may not be right for everyone. If it's something you're considering, this article has useful tips. It includes contributions from tech savvy Realtors +Kinga Mills +Ryan Fitzgerald +Joe Samson and +Nathan Garrett. You'll find links to additional resources from +Lynn Pineda +Kyle Hiscock +Xavier De Buck and +Andrew Fortune

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Would You Dare Buy a Home You've Never Seen?

I'm not sure I would, but I've helped quite a few clients do just that. It's common with investors who trust you. They're more concerned about the cash flow and how easy to rent the home than the owner who plans to live there.

Still, we're seeing more home buyers purchasing a home they haven't seen in person. They prefer having lots of information on the area, the location of the home and having a Realtor who can supplement the listing photos with real life video and high def but untouched photos.

If you might be in a position that makes buying a home you've never seen tempting, read this first. You'll find tips for knowing what you're getting from afar, getting your mortgage and more.

We include contributions from top real estate authorities, including +Luke Skar of +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison, +Kinga Mills +Ryan Fitzgerald +Joe Samson and +Nathan Garrett.

You'll also find links to great blogs from +Lynn Pineda +Kyle Hiscock +Xavier De Buck and +Andrew Fortune.

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Smart Money Saving Tips for Homeowners

Who doesn't want to cut costs of energy bills and other home expenses? In this article we look at a variety of options that can save you money.

You'll find links to useful articles from +Bill Gassett +SimpliSafe Home Security +Dustin Brohm - Salt Lake's Favorite Realtor +Anita Clark +Ryan Lundquist +Paul Sian and +Karen Highland.

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Simple Ways to Save Money in Your Home

Moving into your new home is a dream come true but it's easy to overlook little things and waste money. In this article, we look at ways to save money by keeping up with routine maintenance to adding green and smart home technology to your home.

You'll find links to additional articles from +Bill Gassett +SimpliSafe Home Security  +Ryan Lundquist  +Dustin Brohm - Salt Lake's Favorite Realtor  +Anita Clark  +Paul Sian  and +Karen Highland 

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Know Your Home Buying Priorities

When buying a home, it's important to determine priorities. This is especially true when buying a home in a seller's market with fewer options.

This article points out some of the most important priorities to keep in mind. You'll find links to useful articles from +Ryan Fitzgerald +Shannon Holmes +Jeff Knox and +Total Mortgage Services

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How To Determine Your Home Buying Priorities

Buying a home is a huge decision. It is even more challenge when you're househunting in a seller's market. These tips will help you determine the most important things for your home.

The article includes links to useful home buying resources from +Jeff Knox +Shannon Holmes +Total Mortgage Services and +Ryan Fitzgerald

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When your home doesn't attract buyers or offers, it can be disappointing. This article has some suggestions to help market your home and get it sold.
Why Hasn't My Home Sold?

If you've listed your home for sale but haven't had many showings and no offers, you may be starting to feel as if no one likes your house. Before your allowing your home to continue to sit on the market, you should try to figure out why it hasn't sold.

Does it show well? Is It dated? Are you making it easy for buyers to view the home? What about the photographs being used to market it? And finally, maybe you need to reduce the price.

This article looks at all those issues. It includes links to additional articles from some of our top Real Estate Bloggers. Including, +Tina Israelson +Karen Highland +Lynn Pineda +Kyle Hiscock +Bill Gassett +Xavier De Buck +Paul Sian and +Anita Clark.

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Las Vegas High Rise News  Find out what sold in your favorite buildings in February.  Includes a look at the highest prices, which buildings had the most activity and more.

You'll find additional articles on Luxury Home Buying from +Anita Clark and +Luke Skar with +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison 

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Las Vegas High Rise Report for February is Out

Find out which high rise buildings sold the highest number of condos, at the best prices and the latest high rise trends.

Includes links to useful luxury home articles from +Anita Clark  and +Luke Skar 

#LasVegasHighRise   #LasVegasLuxuryCondos

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Luxury Home Buying in 2016
Real Estate is constantly changing and the luxury home market is no different.  This article looks at some of the latest technologies and trends.

You'll find links to useful resources from +Luke Skar  of +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison  +Anita Clark +Ryan Fitzgerald +Kyle Hiscock and more.

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Buying Luxury Homes in 2016

This article looks at the latest development luxury home buyers and sellers should be aware of.  It includes articles from +Luke Skar  via +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison +Anita Clark +Ryan Fitzgerald +Kyle Hiscock  and more.

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How To Price Your Home

Setting the price for your home is one of the most important decisions you'll make when selling.  Price it too high and it will take longer to sell and will sell for less.  

+Kyle Hiscock gives us some excellent tips to accurately determine how much your home is worth.  He includes links to useful resources from +Karen Highland +Bill Gassett and +Joe Manausa .

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Methods For Determining Market Values For Real Estate
Many homeowners don't understand that there are several ways to determine how much a home is worth.

While there are several ways to determine the value of a home, many of the methods are really poor choices.  Methods such as price per square foot and online home value estimators are a great way to get the wrong market value of a home.

+Kyle Hiscock addresses in the latest article from our blog the best and worst methods for determining market values for real estate.  Check out the article at

There are some great resources throughout the article from other top bloggers including +Bill Gassett, +Karen Highland, and +Joe Manausa!

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We're honored to be included in this great list of Mortgage Experts.

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Beautiful Spring night in Centennial Hills.  Not quite pool season yet but sunny and 70s in the daytime.  Evenings in the 50s.  Not a bad place to call home.
Not a bad view from Centennial Hills...

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Google+ Top Real Estate Articles for February 2016

Each month +Bill Gassett features a selection of the top real estate articles on his blog.  This month's round up has great info for everyone.  Buyers will learn what to expect from inspections, how to keep their home search realistic.  Sellers will find great advice on mistakes to avoid and how to minimize capital gains taxes when selling their home.  Other articles include info about Home Energy Audits and how Realtors can get their tech up to speed for 2016.

You'll find articles from our favorite bloggers, including +Bill Gassett +Janis Borgueta +Teresa Cowart +Jeff Knox +Kyle Hiscock +David Cronnin Real Estate +Ferris Property Group and more.

If you find these articles useful, feel free to share them socially.

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The Best of Google Plus Real Estate February 2016
Here is another awesome round-up of real estate articles found on Google+ from some very talented real estate pros!

This months compilation comes from +Debbie Drummond who has done a great job of highlighting some of the best content.

Featured authors this month include: +Janis Borgueta +Xavier De Buck +David Cronnin +Ferris Property Group +Joe Manausa +Teresa Cowart +Sylvie Zolezzi +Kyle Hiscock +Jeff Knox +Lee Davenport and a +HULIQ post that features +Paul Sian.

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