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Malcolm Simmonds
Time management, IM, alternative health
Time management, IM, alternative health


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My post - How the "Gurus" Rip you off with Product Launches.

Includes "The Ten Steps to a Product Launch" and also links to Andy Jenkins (Stompernet) and Jeff Walker's infamous phone call:

Jenkins: “I’m going to rely on The Syndicate [Kern, Filsaime, etc - see the post] to hit this really hard. There’s probably a million people in those lists: and probably 500-750 people willing to pay 2500 bucks..”.

A Better Way?
Use one of the complete systems I recommend - much better value and much more likely to get you successful online. I don't recommend a system lightly - they are all checked out personally:

Bring The Fresh

Chris Farrell Membership

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If you have ever wondered why you get several emails on the same day/week about the same product - my post explains just  how the "product launch machine" really works.

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Oh dear - yes, I've photographed my meal once or twice :|  Not with three othes, though!

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So there!

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Yeah - could you come back and invade us next week? LOL
Shut Happens!

U.S. government shuts down for first time in 17 years, do you know where your government is?

I guess the over bloated and over paid circus clowns (ahem, overlords/politicians) will be on a break just for a little while. Wink, wink...

More info:

#GovernmentShutsDown #Clowns #Overlords #Politician #News #ZeroHedge

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Do mega building designs by Apple, Facebook, Google predict a market crash?

Apple's Cupertino "mothership" was designed by no less than Lord Foster. Total cost? A mere $5 billion.

Facebook has commissioned Frank Gehry to design its new complex at Menlo Park.

Google has two huge centres at the planning stage, one in the San Francisco Bay area and one in London's King's Cross. The latter has an estimated cost of £650 million – let's call it $1 billion.

A well established irreverant economic indicator is the skyscraper index. This says that in periods when the tallest skyscrapers in the world have been built a market crash is not far away.

So it makes you wonder if the same can't be true of these huge and - possibly indulgent? - architectural projects.

Could it be time to short stocks? LOL

[Just wonderin'... I actually hope it's not time, because I'm fully invested... :| ]
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