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Small town entrepreneur; Geek dad; Local yokel
Small town entrepreneur; Geek dad; Local yokel

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With a few little eccentricities here and there, I have set several Sites over the past few years that use various applications of Google Checkout for ecommerce.

With the impending sunset of Checkout in November, I am looking for another shopping cart provider that plugs in to Sites.

Does anyone have any advice or success in this area to share? 

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Midsummer's Day Picnic

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Mmm, coffee...

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--- WARNING --- Political Opinion Ahead ---

When I was a kid, my dad used to say...

_"If you are not a Democrat by the time you are 20, you don't have a heart...
If you are not a Republican by the time you are 30, you don't have a brain."_

If he were alive today, he might add...

"If you are not a Libertarian by the time you are 40, you don't have a spine."

Over the course of the last few months, the majority of the dialog I have heard, seen, or have otherwise been exposed to regarding politics and the upcoming election have been heartless, brainless, spineless, or all-of-the-above.

If you feel strongly about something, here is hoping that you spend the next four years sharing and educating others on your position, in a patient, nurturing way - not wait until the eleventh hour, when you feel defeat at your door, to start spouting rhetoric, intolerance, hate-mongering, and ruthless disrespect.

Never forget that our children are watching and listening. If you think the political climate is bad now, wait until their generation is making choice for us all.

Vote with your heart... your brain... and your spine. And dammit, be nice about it!

--- Disclaimer --- I am none of the above (Rep/Dem/Lib - or any other). Right or wrong, I think for myself. Hopefully my kids will too. ---

- Addendum --- It has been brought to my attention that this quote is a paraphrase of one made famous by Winston Churchill. I never thought it was original, only that it was profound. I couldn't have been older than about nine at the time, so the fact that I remember it today goes to show just how impactful a parent can be with a simple statement.
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