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With a few little eccentricities here and there, I have set several Sites over the past few years that use various applications of Google Checkout for ecommerce.

With the impending sunset of Checkout in November, I am looking for another shopping cart provider that plugs in to Sites.

Does anyone have any advice or success in this area to share? 
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Have you seen the PayPal Simple Storefront Gadget?

It uses a different principle to how the Checkout gadget did, so you can integrate it to lots of product pages, rather than having one page with a list of products on.
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Mmm, coffee...
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How do you handle multiple G+ profiles?

What is the best way to setup and manage multiple Google+ profiles? Specifically, in addition to my personal profile (this one), I would like to turn my upgrade my small business Gmail account to a G+ account.

It seems like I read something from (or about) +Pete Cashmore/+Pete Cashmore regarding how he handles this, but I can't seem to locate it now. 

Since, to the best of my understanding, Google does not allow the use of a business name on a Google+ profile, should I just change the account to use my name (being a sole proprietorship, it really is just me anyway), then make that account a secondary manager on my business Page, and make all business posts from there? I like the fact that my name personal name is not on my business account, but perhaps it is time to let go of that philosophy.

Any advice?
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Midsummer's Day Picnic
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--- WARNING --- Political Opinion Ahead ---

When I was a kid, my dad used to say...

_"If you are not a Democrat by the time you are 20, you don't have a heart...
If you are not a Republican by the time you are 30, you don't have a brain."_

If he were alive today, he might add...

"If you are not a Libertarian by the time you are 40, you don't have a spine."

Over the course of the last few months, the majority of the dialog I have heard, seen, or have otherwise been exposed to regarding politics and the upcoming election have been heartless, brainless, spineless, or all-of-the-above.

If you feel strongly about something, here is hoping that you spend the next four years sharing and educating others on your position, in a patient, nurturing way - not wait until the eleventh hour, when you feel defeat at your door, to start spouting rhetoric, intolerance, hate-mongering, and ruthless disrespect.

Never forget that our children are watching and listening. If you think the political climate is bad now, wait until their generation is making choice for us all.

Vote with your heart... your brain... and your spine. And dammit, be nice about it!

--- Disclaimer --- I am none of the above (Rep/Dem/Lib - or any other). Right or wrong, I think for myself. Hopefully my kids will too. ---

- Addendum --- It has been brought to my attention that this quote is a paraphrase of one made famous by Winston Churchill. I never thought it was original, only that it was profound. I couldn't have been older than about nine at the time, so the fact that I remember it today goes to show just how impactful a parent can be with a simple statement.
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Master Scott Mize Hall

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Help a hard-working young Cub Scout, entrepreneur, and aspiring entomologist achieve his goal.

My 9-year old son, Luc is a Cub Scout and already has his sights set on becoming becoming a professional bug doctor when he grows up. He has been working hard all year to achieve his goal of earning a college scholarship through Scouts and their popcorn program. You can help him get there.

From Lucas (with a little help from mom and dad - but not too much):


Thank you for supporting me through your popcorn purchases.  Because of your support, I have earned $1,935.00 so far.  So I'm less than $600 away from my goal of $2,500 and a college scholarship!!! With that, I will be on my way to becoming an entomologist.

Upon achieving my sales goal, I will be awarded a college scholarship from the Boy Scouts of America, and every single dollar from then until I am an Eagle Scout at age 18 will count toward adding to that scholarship.

Only one or two Scouts in my unit will earn this award year, and I have been working all year toward achieving this goal this year.

Only 1 week to go!

You can purchase Scout popcorn from me year-round, But only my sales through the end of this week (October 26th) count toward my rewards and my scholarship.

70% of your Scout popcorn purchases are returned to my council, my local unit, and my Scout rewards (including College Scholarships). Your purchase helps me and my unit fund fun, educational activities and helps more kids like me experience all the things that make Scouting great.

You can help me earn my own way in Scouting this week and year-round.  Just click to make a purchase on my behalf. 

My ID: 17610457  Lucas H.

Or, just call my folks at (417) 483-1018 and ask for 'Luc' to place an order.

To everyone who has already supported me through with a popcorn purchase or a donation to Scouting, THANK YOU!


Lucas H.
Cub Pack 34
Neosho, Missouri"

Thanks in advance for your support. And please share this with your circles to help spread the word!

Thanks a mint!
Luc's Dad (Scott)
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Hey--did he make his goal? We are in pack 812 down in Bentonville. Our goals weren't as lofty, lol. 
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