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It's All About Greed
think, my topic to write about today will be Greed, because it affects us all
and can destroy you in an instant. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, but
we can all fall foul of this characteristic no matter who we are. If you want
to enjoy the fruits o...

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Short Story ~ 'The Zombie Has Cometh' (Part 2)
The Bookshop Guru That morning, global news broadcasts were speculating on the size of the object hitting the
earth and why the authorities hadn’t given a warning even though the suspected
asteroid had landed in an uninhabited region of the ‘Gobi’ desert. T...

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The Secret of Enlightenment
The search for enlightenment  can take many different paths for the individual concerned, but in the end our progress through life should be with nature and not against it. Throughout history many great inspirational people have strived in their time to inf...

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The Art of Being Rejected
The Bookshop Guru This is a true story , which happened to
me several years ago now. In a way it’s a bit like one of those stories you
would expect under “the tales of the unexpected” the TV series. But, with one
thing missing, it’s not a creepy or a fright...

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Living with Dementia
many of you that read this article will probably not agree with what you about
to read, but the truth sometimes hurts and it has to be confronted. My
experience comes from looking after my grandmother who lived to the grand age
of ninety-six. The last...

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You, Me and Bipolar
been about 10 years since I was first diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and
before that from about the age of 16 years old I have suffered from depression.
In fact, I believe my many visits to doctors from the age of 16 years old I
never got the correct ...

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The Economic Triangle of Europe, China, and America
global recession that is now about to show its hand started when Germany
insisted on austerity for most of Europe more than three years ago. In a sense,
Germany shot itself in the foot by insisting on this austerity policy for
Europe which caused a slow...

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