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Lots of people have requested the ability to target content o their followers based on topic (i.e. only share content to people who are following me AND interested in, say, comics). Since the product doesn't support that kind of targeting, I'm just making something up, like I did with hashtags back in 2007...

So, if you see 3-4 topic hashtags at the beginning of my posts (like subject lines but for topics), they're there so people can choose to ignore my post if they're uninterested.

For general interest posts, I'm probably not going to use them.

P.S. On Twitter, I do prefer putting my hashtags at the end of posts to set context; on Google+, because we're not restricted to 140 characters and can go on and on and you can include context, these topic #hashtags should help people read their stream more efficiently.

/thx +Dare Obasanjo
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