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Question to Bernie supporters - Do you expect to get what you are asking under Trump and the repubs? Ask Obama the oppositions, hate,and down right racial bigotry he went through just to dig us out of the mess created by the Trumps in the Repub. party. The won't even expand free Medicare or Medical in the states, except for a few, run by the Repubs. Obama is in Court today for daring to ask for some of what you want. Have all of you forgotten this thing called the REPUBLICANS or CONGRESS. To complicate your radical and revolutionary demands 80% or above of you will not even bother to show up to vote in the MIDTERM ELECTIONS. How is that going to workout for you when the Repubs. blocks every move you make - and believe me they will. Pls. consider what is possible albeit doable with oppositions go on from there. You deal with an opponent like the Repubs. through constructive persuasion not wild confrontation which is their modus operandi.
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