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+Bakerella Love!!!!!
Make these tiny turkey cupcakes for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving or just for fun.
Tori Cooper (Gringalicious) originally shared:
It’s getting close to mid November you guys, isn’t that crazy? I’m so excited about this year’s holidays because I know I’ll be spending them with my whole family and a bunch of friends, both new and old, so there’s no way I won’t be making a ton of great…
It's getting close to mid November you guys, isn't that crazy? I'm so excited about this year's holidays because I know I'll be spending them with my whole family and a bunch of friends, both new and old, so there's no way I won't be making a ton of great memories... #appetizers #autumn #bread
+Taylor Kiser Loving this whole thing!!!!!!!
This baked penne carbonara uses cauliflower Alfredo sauce to make it creamy and low fat! You'll never know it's gluten free and packed with hidden veggies!
Check out these yummies, oh, and Sally's doing a third book you guys! YAY! +Sally McKenney Quinn 
While meeting hundreds of you on my book tour, which has easily been the highlight of this entire crazy owning-my-own-business blog career (thank you ♥), I was inspired to begin brainstorming ideas for a follow-up to Sally’s Candy Addiction. My editor and I plugged away at ideas for cookbook #3 and we kept coming back to the same subject, …
+Monique Volz I want to eat it all!!!
Share the Love:PinterestFacebookTwitterYummlyStumbleGoogle+tumblrEmailHere we go. November brings Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving brings gratitute, appreciation and a meal to delight both the eyes and our bellies. The words that are so frequently unspoken are often the ones we need to say the most to our loved ones. To tell them that we appreciate them. To tell them that they [...]
+shelly jaronsky These are so cute!
Paranormal Pretzel Cookies are festive, adorable, and easy! This will be a fun cookies your kids will want to help make! So, Halloween is coming up. My boys are at that age where they still want to dress up, but don’t want any of the precious costumes that I have been able to make them... Read More
+Brandy O'Neill Totally going to have to make these!!!
These chocolate raspberry French silk pie bites are the perfect holiday treat. 100% no bake and full of rich chocolate flavor and tart raspberry sweetness. You're going to love these 1 bite treats!
Can you say Yum! +Lori Lange 
Sharing an easy to make Hatch Chile Queso dip recipe - a warm and spicy cheese dip that is perfect for tortilla chip dunking.
+Brandy O'Neill So making this for dinner!!!
This 20 minute beef snow pea skillet is the perfect fast weeknight meal with a little takeout fake-out feel. Made all in one skillet and easily served alone or on top of rice. You'll love how easy and delicious this meal is to make!
YUMMMMM! +Taste and Tell 
Lasagna for a weeknight! Skip the hassle of preparing a lasagna and make this One Skillet Lasagna instead. It is a taste of Italy without all the work!
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