Looks like my first post got overlooked for some reason :)
There is an issue with the right-click menu in the timeline which I observed on OS X first (system menu light gray instead of application one with dark background), now I'm getting a segmentation fault in Debian Wheezy with that menu: I right-click in the timeline, only the border of the menu  shows up but when I click next to  it the app segfaults. Shotcut version 14.03.11
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Works fine for me. What version of OS X?
Are you dual booting between OS X and Debian (IOW, same hardware?)
Do you have the timeline panel docked (not floating) at the bottom of the window?
Do you have any other panels docked on a side or in a tab with the timeline?
You can upload a screenshot of your screen layout.
Thanks for the quick reply, OS X is 10.6.8 and although I'm dualbooting the imac, right now I work on a "PC" with wheezy. The only thing in common between the mac and the pc is the ATI video card; I just put a budget Radeon HD on the PC (fglrx driver) and it started doing what I described earlier. Befor that, with the builtin video (Nvidia?) and Nouveau driver I didn't have this problem.. Any way to debug this? Can you tell me the packages I need to install to build the source?
Building from source is very difficult. Just read the very next conversation topic here with Reuben Martin for more information. I do not offer much support for people making their own builds.

OS X 10.6 might be a part of the problem. Both Qt and Shotcut team have a problem to support that due to infrequent testing even though it should work "in theory." I do have a really old Mac Mini on which Shotcut is being built that I can test it on, but it may be insufficient to even run. I will have to try again.

As for Debian, from the description (menu outline only and ATI fglrx vs. NVIDIA nouveau) and based on the fact that the menu is basically declarative QML, which uses GL for rendering, it sounds like a Qt GL bug. However, the way Shotcut is embedding QML Quick views into traditional widget "dock" windows could be a factor. That explains why I was asking about your window arrangement.

I am curious to know if the problem also occurs when you click the menu button in the timeline toolbar instead of right-click.
"I am curious to know if the problem also occurs when you click the menu button in the timeline toolbar instead of right-click."

Same thing.
To answer the docked/undocked question, it make no difference, same behavior.
Are all menus implemented the same way? All except the ones related to timeline work fine..
As a workaround, almost all actions can be done by keyboard shortcut. I will make a page on the website with all shortcuts tonight. Here is what is in timeline and track clip context menus.

Ctrl+U to add audio track
Ctrl+Y to add video track
Ctrl+K to make tracks shorter
Ctrl+L to make tracks taller
Ctrl+W to close timeline

Del to lift
Shift+Del to ripple delete
S to split
Hi, as a followup, I tested last nite on a weak Macmini2,1 (mid-2007) with Intel GMA 950 GPU running OS X 10.6.8, and it worked! Even the menus in the timeline panel. Looks like a problem when using ATI. :-(
 Is it possible that lowering Qt version would not affect features but avoid this incompatibility specially that I may not be the only one with an ATI card :) An app I built with 4.8.2 works just fine..
One other detail (may be irrelevant), disabling compositing shows the menus (as opposed to just the outline)  but clicking them segfaults.
I use compton  for desktop compositing (window shadows, semi-transparent menus, stuff like that)
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