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Hello United States! The OnePlus One will be available in your country (including Alaska and Hawaii) for under $400! Join the forums and share your love for the One ->
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Darn, was hoping they just said under $400, but show it was under $350. lol. - Still excited and can't wait for its release! Will more than likely buy on release day.
Shit just got real. I was hoping this time that only Europe had the release and you guys from the US needed us instead of nexus from the US 
It was just a matter of time. Nice to have it official though. Now for the announcement next week and hopefully the release date.

I'm guessing the 16gb will be $349 and the 64gb will be $399. Make it so, +OnePlus  make it so. 

Final release country should be China. 
I think the only country left now to announce is China. Or may be Canada?
Getting this phone on att with 4G lte. Gonna be killer. 
And there is Canada or Czech Republic. Which one will it be? :)
Ekene N
So am assuming this thing ain't coming with microsd card support right?
I guess i'm just pointing the obvious, but the last country left with the starting letter between b & d might be Canada...
Final countries could be either China or Canada.

I know folks are hoping for Canada but China make more sense. Home country and a much larger market. I think we know the answer. 
+Steve Benson wouldn't make sense to do Hong Kong and China. ... And Canada was in the case chase. I'm 99% positive it's Canada. Could be wrong but I doubt it
Glad it's officially coming to the states.  Hopefully they don't overcharge for the 64GB version like every other manufacturer does!
Just curious, have we heard an official anounncement on this having micro SD or not? If it does there is absolutely no way I can pass this up. 
Stop this suspense. Announce Canada yet, the wait is horrible!
Ok OnePlus thanks for putting us on THE LIST ;). I Just commented a minute ago under England before I saw this...asking why the US isn't on THE LIST yet. I hope this baby delivers on design and screen to bezel for the specs we all love what we know so far. After seeing the Sammy GS5 and HTC One M8, I am now waiting for the OnePlus One and also see what LG G3 has to offer. I hope the OnePlus One will one up the old timers and since it will be almost vanilla Android at such a price point..I am game. 
Canada could be counted as part of USA since we are huge trading partners/allies
I know there will be LTE/4G LTE support, but does anyone know if this includes Verizons bands? Their network is always left out of neat phones like this (not that I can blame manufacturers), but I would really love this phone and that's all I get here!
Definitely that last slot goes to big red..China. There's no way they won't be on THE LIST ;). Hope there will be a second wave of THE LIST if there is much interest in other. countries.
+Peter Blanco no support for Verizon or Sprint.  They are among the very few carriers running on the CDMA network.  I used to be Verizon and got tired of missing out on all of the phones I wanted.  Make the switch to StraightTalk, TMobile or AIO wireless and you'll save money and have access to the phones you want.
+Peter Blanco no, it does not have band 13 LTE. Even if it did, your would need to jump through hoops to get Verizon to activate it on their network and you wouldn't have CDMA 3g or voice
This might be stupid but sprint supports nexus 5. Why not this?
+Ibrahim Önder you do realize that for years and years it was the other way around. Europe got the phones several months before the US, if the US got them at all. It's only a recent occurrence that the tide has turned.
so dissapointed that its not gonna in release in India is it because we don't have lte..?? 
Will they be sold by carriers like tmobile or AT&T or just sold Unlocked? 
You won't be able to buy from American carriers. Maybe on amazon
No love for @VerizonWireless. I would love one of these "open phones" to support Verizon LTE bands so I can get a reasonable upgrade off-contract. 

I've been all excited for this phone, but since it won't work on Verizon I guess I can stop caring...  
+bryan platt I believe it supports T-Mobile wireless bands but the phone is only being sold from the 1+1 website or most likely sites like Amazon online.
Which means that I'll be able to import one to Costa Rica... since I seriously doubt that Costa Rica will be among the first-release countries
Yea but it would be sweet don't ya think
It may possible to use on sprint as long as there lte is supported just as sprint uses the nexus 5 the band's just have to be supported. 
I'm guessing the 64gb is 400 and the 16gb is 300/350
+Apolinar Quezada Im on Sprint but my contract is up in May. Most cities in the US do not have LTE service from the majority of carriers anyway. I'll admit that we have been getting screwed for some time now acting as if we care about devices having LTE when its only available in the most heavily populated areas. Verizon may have better coverage but the device availability and price is horrible.
+bryan platt they have stated that building carrier specific devices is dependent upon the success of their launch.
+Rec M. I dont think the G3 is scheduled for release until 4th quarter (holiday season in US). Im currently using a G2 and it is an amazing device that actually wowed me with the display and design when I went in to get a Nexus 5. Unfortunately Sprint does not offer LTE in my area so Im paying premium price for 3g which is crap on Sprint.
Will it make it to India? My hopes are high
+GraysTake I feel you man. I'm on straight talk/at&t and its great. I'm in NYC area so I have LTE pretty much everywhere. You should check em out. Can't beat $48 bucks a month after tax. For unlimited text/ talk and 2.5gb if data before throttle. 
The jump from 16gb to 64gb has gotta be more than $50. $319/$399??
+Mychal Hix Yea I know what u mean. I was just thinking the nexus did a $50 jump for 16gb more. U would think there would be a bigger gap with the OnePlus. Let's go $329! They have been continuously amazing... No need to stop now!! 
+Rec M. Are you sure there is a 32GB model though? And I have never heard of a 48, but that would be awesome.  - +Chad Kotilinek I agree though. You never know, as storage is very cheap for manufactures though.
+Nathan Turley No problem! Hopefully I didn't sound rude about it. I deal with customers all day, and they just get to you (reread it kinda sounded like it) And I was too lazy to get the link to their post for Canada lol.
+Rec M. I got an Otter Box case and had it installed with a screen protector that came with it before I left the store. I love the case but when I got home I did remove it momentarily so I could see what the back looked like lol. Battery life is good and charging seems better with the LG charger that came with it. Its really a great phone and costs less than the S4 or HTC One M7. I am still interested in getting the 1+One though.
+Apolinar Quezada You lucky bastards in NY have the best of every carrier lol. I heard Sprint Spark is great in that area but we don't even have 4G LTE in Cincinnati. We don't get LTE from Sprint, AT&T, or T-Mobile(I got depressed and didn't even check Verizon)
+GraysTake you gotta check that list for LTE coverage. Its updated every couple of weeks. I know we are lucky. Luv it up here. Lol
thank you for releasing it to the United States it's probably going to be a really reliable phone cuz I'm having shitty experience with mine
YEEEEESS i started a thread in the oneplus one forum. but now we all r happy. this is the best news form me so far. :)
+Nunyo Beezwax hehe dragged that one out a bit. We need a blanket release area, SE Asia, Nth America, Sth America, East Europe, West Europe, Asia, Africa. 
for those on sprint and verizon awaiting this phone. its GSM only...sorry.

move along, nothing to see here.
I'll likely get this phone and try out T-Mobile or Strait Talk (AT&T prepaid service).
I would think the under $400 price they're touting as the 16gb version and that it would be more for the 64gb one. Even at 16gb for under $400, it'd still be a great deal. 
CDMA? Why would any third party OEM want to launch in a limited market share on old technology that only 2 carriers in the US support. GSM/UMTS/LTE for the win. 
CDMA is technically superior to TDMA used in the voiceband of GSM in terms of flexibility. LTE uses FDMA and TDMA. Part of the problem is semantic. But it is true that the use of CDMA for voice is rare. If they ever get to VOLTE then everyone could just be on LTE.
so is this available for verizon? I wouldnt really expect it to be but it would be pretty neat if so
+Alexander Johnson No it won't for Verizon.  This phone will be using GSM radios, not CDMA like Verizon uses.  Unless they announce the addition of CDMA radios in the phone, it won't be available to use on Verizon.
How do I get an invite for what looks to be a great phone
Can't wait for the new OnePlus One!
Any in Mexico or Belize?? this phone would make me happy :)
$400 for a top spec phablet with 64gb onboard storage? Sign me up
We want to see in Turkey too. We are sadly about that.
I would like to get it ,seriously. It's a great price and spec . I love that.😊
Fai Lee
Well I am in Alaska and own a prepaid cell plan service, the invite system confused me a lot and still don't understand if anyone who joined the forum will get a invite lol. The OPO looks good and promising on the web and paper but what about if I don't have a friend or family member who own the OPO? that means I can not get a invite? OnePlus should and could do a better job to explain the invite system.
plese send  me invitation for  buy one plus one
I have received One More Invite to Share, let Me know quickly if you want it. Contact
i need an
oneplus two invite
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