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+Steve Kondik from +CyanogenMod has just unboxed the OnePlus One. See his reaction! #NeverSettle
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I knew it was going to happen and I still fell for it
Hey +OnePlus, there must have been a mistake.. I think the second half of the video is missing..

I don't want do wait these 2.5 weeks.. :/
I fucking hate you...but i love you(r phone)
slowly but steadily all the teasing is starting to annoy me, stil want it though ;)
this better live up to the hype....
has it been confirmed that there's an IR blaster on this phone?
Haha Lol. Can't wait 
Please please live up to all this hype . 
Alex S
Come on, let us see it
Bitch move!!! Hahaha got all worked up!!!!
Dammit, not cool. Actually, pretty good troll. Looking forward to the real announcement.
With so much hype built on this phone, I expect a revolutionary screen technology that have a screen brightness as high as what +Steve Kondik saw.
Looks like he just saw the iPhone 6
i was really looking forward to this phone but this time i am going for the IP67 classed ones since i have to much of an active lifestyle. Dang... maybe next time ;)
I just did a small sketch and tried to fit a 5.5" screen into a body smaller than the Z1.. that´s the result:
I guess that was a bad idea, because even that quick drawing looks unbelievable. 
I want that phone! :D
... the only thing I can say to that - you don't live up to the hype you are artificially pushing to the limits, you loose many customers and go... you know what I mean. You better deliver! 
Fede !
One plus is coming! 
наколол зараза:)
LOL, Hilarious! I was wondering how they are unboxing when the device has not released.
I'm really courious if OnePlus will reach the high expectations. Because if this backfires the boys and girls will vanish into thin air before they could even shout out OnePlus :-) 
I want a OnePLus One, one , one, whatever, I want One!!
+Maximilian Ertl of being a engineer and an RD specialist and all around phone designer you would know. Unless of course I am mistaken and you do that for a living 
+Emanuel Radu in realtà era ironico, volevo dire che stanno tirando su un sacco l'aspettativa per questo nuovo smartphone! Però è vero quello che dici, è famoso solo fra geeks perchè non fanno alcun tipo di pubblicità...
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