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You'll be able to get the OnePlus One with an invite. Learn more about the OnePlus One Invite System!
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So basically if I have no friends I will note get the phone?
I don't want be rude, but to me seems like a way to see how many requests there are for the device (let's see how many registration and request we get on the forum).
If I'm wrong excuse me in advance.
I guess at least 1 invite per country (in the 12 lucky ones)...
+Carlo Imperatore that's explained in the article (though I hope there are at least a reasonable amount of invites flying around!)
+#Nexuschat Yes... But if the phone rocks, why they fear the bankrupt?
Price is good, specs are good, I see no needs for this strange invite system.
In my opinion this is a very bad marketing move. 
How long is the invite available? That is, if I get an invite on 23rd, will I still be able to buy the phone a month and a half from now? 
It will probably be as usuall with invite systems hard to get in the beginning and creating a hype then it will be easy to get them. So relax
That's a great idea! Keep on!
I can imagine some invites for ROM developers!
More information about the invites please! 
I have my doubts if this is such a great idea at all...but I'll try my level best and hope that I get an invite in time.
if you dont´t have enough pieces to sell it in a regular way so forget it! Keeping ma Nexus 5
+Chris Druif I agree, having to be "invited" is bullshit +OnePlus I'm not buying it unless it actually is way better than other phones
I don't want invite. I want to see the hardware, compare it, see if it's worth the hype then buy it. Easy and customer friendly. This doesn't make me want to get an invite, it makes me want to stick with my nexus 4. Especially if the invites are sent out BEFORE the hardware is revealed
How do you decide the invites? 
Will trade Glass invites for OnePlus One invites ;)
How can anyone freak out before the details of the invites are even released?
Will I be able to get the +OnePlus One without an invite?

If not, I guess I will not be getting this smartphone. :-(
+Jared Isch because they didn't show the details. sounds like they want to test the water a bit first  
+Drew Sanders +François Ponty you may be correct, but what if the invite system is something like, sign up online get an invite plus give an invite.....I'm just saying I'll wait and see, if it's something ludicrous like they gave out invites to 500 people and they can only invite 1 person, i'll be on board with the frustration, but until I get the details, I'm going to take a wait and see approach
+Jared Isch I agree with the wait and see. But with all the marketing they done, saying user first, good experience first, and now, that? This is not user friendly, this is either production issues or stock management. Which is not wrong, OnePlus is a company thus is expected to make money. When Mailbox used an invite system, they clearly said it was to avoid server crashes. And we waited, they gave us a good reason. Here : nothing. 
You guys just jumped the shark. This is how the Internets work these days.
1. Pictures or it didn't happen. It'd not like we could not find pictures of these things if we really had time to dig. You did make your FCC filings, right?
2. People want to make educated choices. Even though this is not out yet, you've lost time value of people not being able to make a choice about your product, and they may have chosen to go with someone else.

3. Elitism is so 2009.
So I've been waiting all of this time and may never get the phone.  Somethings wrong with this picture.
Have to say that, I like the prospect of the One. But amateur hour hyperbole like this, that feels like it's been swept of the floor of an "ideas shower" session at a comedy PR firm, is putting me off.
Chris N
+OnePlus Project Ara might do this too. Hope it works out well for both of you. 
Basically. From a logistical perspective this makes sense. The people upset about this decision likely were only in it for the price and nothing more. I'm here to support a company that's going against the grain. 
I'm desperate for a new phone and may have to buy an alternative because it appears that there is no real benefit to waiting in line or being on this forum.
Clever but sadistic strategy plan since everyone wants what he can't have even more.
And yes I want an invite!!! 
How will the initial invites work? Hopefully the answer to this involves a way to make sure everyone who has been paying attention to the product announcements and been on the one plus forum getting one...although I don't see how h will satisfy everyone and for that this launch looks slightly less appealing. I mean its pretty much like the Google explorer program although I believe you all will have much higher demand considering the cosy of your device vs Google glass. Really hope this doesn't get screwed up. 
The people that are jumping ship because of one thing they dislike probably weren't gonna buy the OnePlus One in the first place. 
+Macalee Harlis Jr. I'm pretty sure those of us that are active on the forums are gonna be in the first wave or two. They make special mention of that in the post that this update is linking to. 
+Stephen Cothren yes I saw that, but I don't know what their definition of 'active' is. I check out the forum activity a few times every day, but I'm not much of a poster. So does that mean I'm not active? I understand what they are doing from a manufacturing stand point, but their motto from the beginning has been #neversettle and to offer consumers the best of the best with no exception, and this doesn't seem like that. Even if I end up receiving an invite I still will feel bad for the thousands of potential users who may be scorned by this. I just hope that the initial wave is large enough to meet demand but I don't know if that will happen
Amon RA
+OnePlus this is fist time when I think you have done something that just is not cool. I have been following you guys for months and I understand that being a start up you have to aware of the finicial side. But this a disappointment
Nothing like waiting till the last minute to tell people this...smh
+Macalee Harlis Jr. I would guess it would be based on Post/Like count.

I feel like an invite system is better than preordering. It's going to be more exciting. "Here, you've won the chance to buy the device!" sounds a lot better than "Give us you money now and we'll send you the device eventually.

I know that I'll be offering up my code(s) to various people that participate in the forums but might be less fortunate, or even people that participate in the social media conversations. 
Invites will be given out through contests and through the forum... We don't know when or how (^_-) 
Not common ... it may well be as a system !
I've been saving up since i heard that it was going to be <$400. Now I have to get an invite just to buy the phone. ughhh
Yeah this doesn't make a lot of sense. Not really a fan of this strange strategy 
Every single step they've made had been met with resistance. Yet they continue forward. This too, shall pass. 
I'm not sure about this... I was about to recommend it to people due to the good price, but many of my friends don't have patience for things like that.. 
+Stephen Cothren its not about resistance. There is a a demand for this obviously. Its just I would have gladly done a preorder. Have the money already set aside. I was even ready to wait up on the 23rd.
+Apolinar Quezada I'm just trying to look at things from the position of throwing millions at a company that the current mold has literally no room for. With the hopes that they break open a new space. It's too ambitious to put all your eggs in one basket. From the investors perspective, which was likely a MAJOR influence here, an invite system makes perfect sense. 
+Stephen Cothren Invites to me are very BETA is how i see it or they can't meet the laws of supply/demand and are trying a different way of approaching this.
Marc S
One question please.. Now, really, how many opo do you have ready for purchase at the 23.4.? Sounds like a few hundreds to me. You know, on one side you compare your phone with the Sony z2 or HTC one or whatever, act like you want to do big business with the other global players, and on the other hand, you seem not to be able to deliver even enough phones for your forum members. If you don't know how many phones you gonna get sold, then just open pre orders and you'll see. But this invite system is just crap. 
I am ready to buy! But my patience should not be taken advantage of... Markets are very fluid and if this invite system doesn't provide me with the opportunity to buy a OPO then you just lost a quality customer. After all branding and product loyalty should be the focus but this attempt to drive interest by the use of exclusivity is the wrong way to go about it.
I get the whole unconventional marketing approach thing but this invite system seems a little convoluted. I mean, please just take my money!
Can't beleive this. It was too perfect for the moment. But how will the very first buyers do, at the beginning there will be no available invite...
+OnePlus in my experience g+ is pretty good for delivering reasoned and smart responses. Not the fanboy-ism you will see on your forum. If you are to be a real success, you need to convince these people to take a risk on an untested brand.

I think it's pretty clear that this is not the way to go about it. 
What's the point of this? I'm starting to get upset now. 
How is this beneficial to everyone? I've been looking forward to this since the start, but hearing only a select number of people will get an invite in which then you have to know someone to get an invite, doesn't sit well with me. At least with first come, first serve, everyone gets a fair chance at getting the phone first.

The people who talk the most on the forums will probably end up getting invites over those of us who like to just watch from the sidelines.
invite?? lol u didnt put in sell or unveil the phone yet and we need invite? neither Apple with more succes doesn t need invites. i will pass this time. maybe G3 or Moto x 2 doesn t need invites.
this just kills the joy before buying a phone. if i like a phone i want to order it directly without the hassle to get an invitation.
Come on....really, well targeting other brand. :(
Dammit. They better give invites to all forum members who have supported them up to this point.
+Gregory Prepetit you may well be right, but... We don't know yet. Up to now +OnePlus has done an exceptional job of engaging consumers (When did Apple or any other manufacturer ask consumers so openly what they want?). Maybe it would be fair to give them a chance and wait and see how this pans out. Let's see what the phone looks like and what it's packing, and then see how they handle supply/demand before we all start jumping on their throats.
+Damir Franc luckily I've got multiple friends here on G+ (like yourself) that are interested in this device and know I'm excited about this device so I'm more likely then most here to get an invite swiftly. I just think it's a stupid mechanism they've put into place that actually dampens the enthusiasm they've created.
How long is the invite valid? Will be expecting one guys lol
Bab system, complex and opaque. 
this is smart...a bit of a pain for customers but smart for the company. It makes the phone that is already secretive and teasing, even more exclusive, while also allowing One+ to not have to over produce the first factory run of the phone.  It the invites go smoothly and they can meet the demand then there should be no issue it might just take a bit longer to get one of these in your hands. 
On the other hand, if i don't get an invite before the Note 4 comes out you have probably lost my business...
I can understand buying Ferrari require invitation but phone that jest entering the market? Pass..waiting for G3..looks like delivery problem in due time
+#Nexuschat I agree 100%. I'm still looking forward to everything you mentioned and seeing what +OnePlus has to offer. I haven't lost faith, just hoping they don't potentially turn off all the people who don't speak up/out.
It's true! I live in Switzerland, and I think that will serve complicated to have one OnePlus Ones. How uninvited and if our country are not in the liste.Aidez I was having :-) +OnePlus
+CyanogenMod Meh. All faith lost. This isn't the right thing to do. This either shows that they don't have faith in the phone. So there going by invite to keep production low. Or they think there hot $hit and keeping it on a "invite bases". Most places like that are filled with hipsters who are " in". This thows off buyers and faith in CyanogenMod as a company. How's the Systems dick taste. Probably not as sour as the tatse I have in mine. Disappointment. 
Even though we're paying customers we need an invite! So potential customers like me who are very interested but have only been looking in from the outside and aren't signed up to the forums etc have got very little hope indeed.

Shame, looks like I could be an outsider looking in for a long time yet. At least there are plenty of other phones out there to choose from
I can't wait for the phone to be unveiled, so that these marketing bs stops.
This only means that those people who are in some sort of "inner circle" get the device and not a lot of people who haven't been able to get that active. I don't know how that's any more "fair" than intentionally picking who you want to let buy it.
I have a feeling that this gonna fail, not because of the phone but because it will be out so late for us to get our hands on it. Why risks sales? When g3 and n4 comes out, for what I see, gonna be the same time this phone will be out too. Well, you guys will have a problem. 
I have been interested in your phone for months, reading articles, threads, etc. I just lost all interest in purchasing anything from your company.
I have always slated xiaomi for doing stupid releases in small batches and now after waiting for this phone it seems One+ are set on doing the same thing. Im gutted.
Interested to see how this thing works.
Are they trying to position their product at the level of #googleglass  and require that you get an invite.  Really ...  
This whole invite thing is rubbing a lot of people wrong. I wonder if OPO took that in consideration too.
+Ria Simpson for a company that is trying to enter the market with a phone with decent specs and great price, this is not the right move.  Made sense for #googleglass  that is a novelty, very expensive and Google was trying to "control" who can enter the #glassexplorers  program.  For +OnePlus is just a bad PR move.
Just send me a link to the "add to cart" button. 
so... no way to buy it without an invite???? Amazing!
INVITE or let it be
i want a one+ and blog about it, but i don´t want te be acting like a monkey
+Carlo Imperatore same for me
no friend of minde want a one+ so how i get an invite.
what is better than my money? my act to buy?
+OnePlus so basically if I don't get an invite at the first round which I don't think will happen, I have to go and beg someone to send me an invite and people will be like oh sorry I am out of invites while they are keeping it for their friends? Are you trying to make us make friends or what? I think pre-orders where waaay more fair. I guess I will go sniff around like everyone else looking for an invite. 
+Martin Kaa I don't have any Idea....The only one who can reply is +OnePlus 
Looks like they don't want over produce phone and don't sell them, so with this strange invite system they will have an idea of how much unit they will sold.
In my opinion is a very bad marketing move.
OMG - I decided to order one. But that way? Maybe I have to find a alternative device... - I dont want to wait and wait and wait. It would be frustiating...
I guess all this hype was not worth it. Looking for another device.
I would so love an invite!
Invites don't show up on eBay with a 25% markup after w****k and his pals buys two hundred phones each and help sell out the limited inventory in an hour. This is the first go at managing ordering and inventory. We've all live through the nightmares on Google Play..this is a smart move in my opinion. 
+OnePlus in light of this and your completely annoying spam hype.... invitiation or not.... Not buying it! 
Why are you guys turning away customers? What an idiotic move.

If I want a status symbol that is meaningless I would buy a fucking iPhone. As it is, I would like to purchase a phone that suits me rather perfectly.

If you could make that possible, that'd be greeaaat.

The hype is annoying, but invites on launch day? Corner whoever came up with that idea and fire him. Your company will be better off.
Invite your Forum members and Google+ followers. 
Alex C
1 invite needed here please :)
I hope that OP just screwed up explaining this concept to us. If not, lemme just say that this is a PHONE, not a club. Why is there an invite system anyway?
I hope that OP just screwed up explaining this concept to us. If not, lemme just say that this is a PHONE, not a club. Why is there an invite system anyway?
Wow....both times I comment with a negative's removed from the thread? C'mon man! 
I want a OnePlus One... and I'm impressed at the secrecy still upheld so close to the big day... also, is typing 1+1 accepted? 
Ready to buy. Please give me such invite if really needed. 
+OnePlus has already failed with this invite only system. Wow this is unbelievable all the hype and hoopla with no dog or pony show and only to find out it's an exclusive invite only to obtain this mysterious device? #dissapointment 
Dare 2 b different isn't that what 1+1 is all about....... Llike it or hate it we're all just hoping we get an invite.
Let's just hope all this hype + invite nonsense doesn't turn out to be just hyperbole 
voglio anche io un invito per italia , voglio questo telefono a tutti i costi 
Too bad about this decision, a lot of people will probably just buy another phone that is available. I will still wait till the official release and see how it goes, but this is definitely a nudge in the wrong direction...
So now I not only have to put faith in a phone I've never seen and a company I've never used I also have to jump through hoops for the privilege of buying your phone? No thanks, that settles it for me, pulling the trigger on the M8 tomorrow. 
Lion G
Simple, if I have to beg for an invite well I'm out.
not interested in the device anymore
Gdm Laz
This has to be the stupidest thing I ever seen a company do 
Hope to get the 1st in Israel (even need to forward ship through USA)
My friend is currently in the UK, so Ill register the invite for him....... Hoping he doesn't decide to keep the phone for himself hehehe
I don't know how well this system gonna get implemented, but if it's implemented well then maybe those who actually want to buy the phone can really get it. Not those hoarders that scoop up all the available phones and make a profit from it. I'll wait and see! 
The idea is only great if i get invited ;-)
Will you forward invites to G+ followers. I tried signing up on the forum. It says it sent an email to activate. But none so far in the last two days. 
Oh great. The 1% of the 1% of the 1% will get invites for the 1st 6-12months. Public release when it's EOL.
dal forum oneplusone italia non riesco a farmi invitare uff
It's fine, most people wont get an invite up front when the phone launches but in the coming months I'm sure we will all get a chance to purchase the phone, remember.....patience is a virtue...
Would love an invite. This phone looks awesome with a great price.
Sako Al
Send me a invite pls this phone is awesome O.o
Damn they are good !! Now I rly want an invite :p
Good idea but it will probably take a long time to be invited
Quisiera recibir una invitación. Desde ya muchas gracias.
How to do to be sure to have an invite quickly ? I can't wait ! I ready to share my user experience of my 1+ One ;o)
Needs an invitation, Please send one, if someone have one
We are in the same boat, i need invitation too lol...
Would it be crass to declare a stockpile of invites available on eBay? The e-economy is starting to get ugly
It's a stupid system. It gives power to people who are egotistically corrupted by it. Then the only way to get one is post that you want it but the old members on the forum tell you not to beg.... #fuckoff old timers that's the only way to get them. 
For a new company it's a great choice to start selling. Off course we all want it and we want it now but let's be patient. We'll get it soon enough. One plus doesn't have Apple or Samsung's capital, at least not yet. It was a smart choice this "try the ice first" strategy
I am not able to get an invite. I need a phone at urgent bases. I don't know for how long i have to wait or I have to choose some other phone.
it's imposible to get an invite... i'm terrible sorry...
I have given up. I don't want the phone any more. All they did was create specs that are out in other phones currently. It's not enough of a leap forward. I would rather keep my nexus 5 with the cyanogenmod 11 m6 and wait for phones to get even better. The invite system turned me. 
Hi Avika, Congrats for buying the phone !!

Can you please give me an Invite ?? !!

Thanks in ton in advance !!

Chirag Shah
Hi Akiva, Greetings again !!

Invite for any config is good. I am just desperate to buy ONO.

Thanks Again,
Chirag Shah

On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 6:00 PM, Chirag Shah <****@**> wrote:

> Hi Avika, Congrats for buying the phone !!
> Can you please give me an Invite ?? !!
> Thanks in ton in advance !!
> Regards,
> Chirag Shah
i want to buy the phone 
Plz some one invite me ......
D Sawh
why is it so difficult to get an invite.  i have money lol
I'll have one 64gb sandstone invite please, with a side of anticipation.
Si  plis Yes Now!!!!
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