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Lately, a few friends have been asking whether or not our product name, OnePlus One, will clash with a certain competitor's present or future product names. Let's just say that we're confident about defending our legal rights.
A couple of weeks ago, rumors suggested HTC's follow-up to the HTC One (otherwise known as the HTC M8) would be called the HTC One+. That belief stems from
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How htc might need to change something they used first. Kinda stupid. Why not name your OnePlus First or Dawn or Genesis or Alpha. Btw, I won't charge you for using any of my suggestions, lol, but I at first thought it was weird that a new manufacturer would use other manufacturer's already established name,by a couple of years now, and would be so happy and like unconscious about it. Good way to push yourselves into public eye by using an existing name, which by now represents a very good phone, same as what you're trying to put out there, I imagine.
Or just call it the Htc one like they already have been and what has been rumored that HTC would do. Like google did with the nexus 7
I thought the issue was that they were going to call it HTC one plus? Or am I wrong?
+Mark Falsing That's exactly the issue. HTC can't call their new phone the "One Plus" because that name is now trademarked by someone else (The company named OnePlus)
Bryce C
HTC won't have a problem with this . They'll market it as One+ which I'm sure is different than OnePlus.
+Bryce C The trademark specifically states words, letters, and/or numbers in stylized form. So kinda doubt that'd work.
HTC just call it the HTC one (2014) if these little companies want to trademark for a device that won't sell oh well. Starting to get as bad as apple 
+OnePlus Well, I'm sure we're all glad that you're confident in defending your legal rights, but have you considered just letting it go? IP bullies are the scum of modern economy. HTC has been a huge innovator for many years, but has already almost been forced out of business by biased rulings, frivolous lawsuits, and corrupt companies. 
+OnePlus For thinking you're trying to be slick or all high and mighty this is the best way to make people hate you and despise what your trying to do. As if you haven't been reading all of these comments!!
There's just too many products out now with "One or 1" in the name.. Too many, (HTC One, One Mini, One Max, One X, One S, One X+, Sony Z1, Xbox One, etc.) just to name a few.. It's beyond worn out at this point. I honestly would've picked another name for the company.. On the other hand though I do have high hopes for some awesome products from you guys. 
In my opinion one plus one makes a great name considering one+ partnership with cyanogenmod. Anyways hope everything works out for everyone.
Realistically, One+ would have been a bad name for the HTC One (2014 Edition) anyway.  If they went with that name for the 2014 edition, there wouldn't be anything cool that they could do for the 2015 edition, they wouldn't go name it HTC One++.  That name sounds funny even thinking of it.  Adding a "Plus" in a name to signify a newer edition wouldn't work out in the end scheme.  I also think having two numbers as the name of a phone would be horrible too.  I think they ought to keep HTC One for its entirety, just keeping (2014) or (2013), etc. next to the name.
You set yourselfs up for a major fail +OnePlus. You do not have the following that htc does and you probably never will. Going to war over a name that you stole from an already established product, is not going to work out for you. 
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