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Great news for all OnePlus fans in Europe! We are still working out the details, but can say that the One will be available for under 350€.
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\o/ !!!
We like fair pricing and correct conversions very much :-D
Any idea with the American market?
At last someone realize that 1 euro is not equal to 1 dollar
any word on India.....and Availability on US date
That's a real good news. Ler's hope it will be avaible un France.
rakshak r
How about in Australia ?
Yeahhhhh!!! Very good!! I can't wait here in Italy! ;))
350? Are you crazy??? That's undercutting Samsung and HTC by ~200 isn't it?
This device is really interesting! 
What about Middle East?
oh never mind, nobody care about that part of the world
Just get yourself a hardcore fan.
Migs B
That is a good price 
Wow! Under £300 at today's rates!! Brilliant news!
David S
+Ittu Wembah under $400 in the US (tax work a bit different in Europe)!
I guess under €350 will be €349...😉 Still a fair price imho....
It's still a big dilemma between buying the OnePlus One or waiting for the next nexus...
Will the device launch in Singapore? 
Are you able to confirm whether this will be an exchange rate based Euro to GBP conversion (i.e. around £290) or will be be more likely to just be £350?
I hope you are building a lot of it, because we are more and more people waiting for it =)
Incredible. Where do I pre-order 😛
Yes! This is great. In Spain you guys are getting a lot of attention
Of this device comes with the specs they mentioned, good build quality and optimized software, so that it runs fast and smooth and with good battary life, that would ne more than food value. That would be a price breaker...
Yipeee class keep the good news flowing
This is an excellent price tag. I'm starting to think that you guys talk the talk, but you'll also walk the walk :)
OMG you already have my money!
how much for the 64gb version? 400EUR?
One Plus mi piacesemprepiù anche se non so ancora cosa ci sta cucinando!
Yay I can now dream of a +OnePlus One 64GB at the same price as a Nexus 5 32GB - £339. With better battery, processor, camera and a 5.5in screen in the body of a 5in phone... truely #NeverSettle
Steve G
Wow! This is awesome! But the only thing I miss in the OnePlus One is the MicroSD Slot.. :(
At the moment I prefer the find7 because of this little thing.
Please add this and your phone is perfect and I will buy it!
I'm going to be your #1 fan! 
I hope just that the philosophy of +OnePlus is more focused on the user experience than out 10 differents smartphones models per year. Please please :-P 
And what about the UK? Guess we will pay the same I £s too.
€1 not equal to £1!
Oh yeah, and will that be for the 16 or the 64 gig version?
+OnePlus I was thinking about buying the Nexus 5, but the OnePlus One is just more bang for buck #gamechanger ... Oh, and thanks! 
Germany love it :)
That's what i wished!!!
Great News!!!
Great Pete Lau!!! 
So you're going to have a sales office in Europe?
Will it be available in Romania ? Please say yes .
This is just fricking awesome news! Can't wait! 
I hope you launch it in India.. someday... 
Omg is so awesome, I can't wait. 
I hope this launch in India for a price tag of around Rs 25000 - 27000 . That is direct conversion of $400 + some local taxes. Can't wait.
That just makes the 1+ look even better, great news for Europe! (American) 
Joe DC
Excellent news ! 
Gran Noticia. Teniendo en cuenta que ya tengo un THL T100S IronMan y estoy encantado, como no me voy a comprar un OnePlus One. Esperando su comercialización en Europa con muchas ganas. 
So glad to be living in Europe! Can't wait for the release of this phone!
Eagerly waiting for the release day in Canada too. Finger crossed!
What will it be in th USA
480$!???? C.R.A.P. I'll go with the NEXT generation NEXUS 6! For 350$. I'll spend 130$ EXTRA For what?
Meng Hu
+Varun Bhalla where did you read this ? Majority of the network supports GSM. So there has to be a gsm version. Post the link.
+Subhodeep Ghatak thanx a lot for correcting me :)
I recently read it via some comment but yes its clear now. :) my fault
please tell us what you think about India. There is a large fan base from India as well.
Is this including the VAT in the EU? This is on average 20%!
This is indeed great news. The main reason so far for me and many others has been the lack of a microSD slot. Will you add a microSD slot to this phone making it a 10/10 device :)
I hope there will be a micro sd slot. HTC and Sony understood this is something a phone should have. You can't have everything in the cloud...
Se venderá en España? En principio promete (tal vez demasiado) ya veremos que es lo que sacan, pero si cumple en calidad/precio tal y como dicen, las demás marcas deberían empezar a tomar nota. 
+Matthew Foley 2 years of official support.
Even my old Galaxy Ace has got KitKat unofficially. 
Please come to Australia too, we love Cynagenmod!!! 
Sell it in Germany and im instantly going to buy one,this is a real Nexus5 Killer!
Aaaaand! BOOOM! The Nexus 5 is more expensive than this jewel! AMAZING!
Would try it. Maybe. Could be a nice toy for our DDB staff ;)
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