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OWN OCTOBER- Quit while I'm ahead
I missed another day of writing yesterday. So I have decided that this post will be my last post of Own October. Wahhh! I know, I know. There's only four days to go. But I started to feel this immense pressure to sit down and write a post. I would spend the...

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OWN OCTOBER- I was so close
Yesterday there was no word from me, not even a single sign of existence.  I have no excuse other than I was so freaking tired. I'd done a full day of school and then worked my butt off for 5 hours after that. I also may have had a small panic attack becaus...

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OWN OCTOBER- Boy Troubles
I can't really say any names just to kind of keep everything private. But my dear readers, I am having freaking boy troubles. Stupid, I know. But I need your help. Okay so basically I kept getting all these weird signals from dudes and me being the relation...

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OWN OCTOBER- I'm going Vegan, kind of.
As I've mentioned a few times, I have been vegetarian for nineish years. But I have never tried being vegan. My sister has been for almost a year, but the thought of being a full time Vegan scares the shit out of me.  I'm going to be honest I love cheese an...

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OWN OCTOBER- I'm going to Europe!!
So today I paid the first deposit for my trip to Europe and I am ecstatic. I CANT EVEN CONTROL MY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW!!!! I am so excited!!  This will be my first time going on a plane and going overseas, and I mean going to Paris, Rome and Florence for my f...

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OWN OCTOBER- The Spinach Edition
Being Vegetarian does mean that I have a lower intake of Iron than a regular meat eater, but I have had a low Iron intake since I was seven so I'm pretty used to it. I have recently though started to notice a few anemic symptoms, especially as the year has ...

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OWN OCTOBER- Please Witch
So as you probably know I work at a kids clothing store, and in the spirit of Halloween myself and my co-workers got to dress up. I donned my dark lipstick, black clothes and witches hat and called myself a witch.  I was pretty gutted to be working today th...

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OWN OCTOBER- The Playlist
I have scheduled this post (hopefully it goes up) because at this point in time I am currently sitting in a strangers house babysitting their young daughter. Hopefully future Georgia hasn't burnt the house down. As I kind of write my posts as I experience e...

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I posted a video today. I made it ages ago but only just realised that i'd finished it! I guess it comes at a perfect time as today I finished all my practice exams for the year. Next step, sitting the real exams!! Feel free to check out my new vid, it's a ...

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OWN OCTOBER- Hydration is Key
So a big part of Own October for me was looking after my body. Staying hydrated was one way to do that. For a while I was only having half a glass of water a day, which is crazy!! So I set myself the challenge of trying to drink 1.5 L a day. It's been going...
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