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Software done bright


Work on our web-client (Bob) is progressing nicely, and we've more or less moved completely to the Dart web_ui model. This is a very nice model for building HTML components, so if you're looking to build a largish web-application, be sure to check out Dart and web_ui.

Progress is also being made on the dialplan system. It is big, complicated and evil, but Jacob is mastering it with his usual cool attitude. Kim has started diving into Freeswitch and he's liking it a lot so far, but then again compared to Asterisk everything is an improvement.

Trine is hard at work at designing the entire GUI, and testing it out on the people who'll be using it in the end. It is a huge task. It's amazing how many small widgets, tools, views and whatnot a program like this has.

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I'm glad to report that Alice now supports both PostgreSQL and SQLite. The ride towards SQLite land was a bit bumpy, but we're there and things are looking good.

Alice now defaults to SQLite, making it even easier to get her up and running without too much hassle.  :)
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We've decided to add SQLite support to Alice (our server component). This should make it a lot easier to get her up and running for small installations and for tests.

Hopefully GNATCOLL.SQL.Sqlite is just as awesome as GNATCOLL.SQL.Postgres.

Oh and we're glad to report that +Kim Rostgaard Christensen is nearing completion of the AMI library. It has been a beast to crack because AMI is just about the worst protocol ever invented by man, but Kim squared his shoulders and beat the beast into the ground.

+J.S. A. is busy on implementing dial plans, and progress is smooth. +Thomas Løcke is working on the database stuff and (soon) the OpenID login functionality. +Thomas Pedersen is working on the +Dart code for Bob (our web client), and +Trine Løcke is hammering away at designing a solid GUI interface.

Stuff is happening.
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We've got two short news items to share today:

1. We're moving from to github, so our code should soon go online in all its incompleteness.  :D

2. We just joined the Ada Google+ community. Hopefully we'll manage to build a busy and thriving community of Ada programmers.

#ada   #programming   #googlecommunities  
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#postgresql  servers are now sporting the latest 9.2.x branch, and we've got early (and very beta-like) support for the new JSON datatype patched into #gnatcoll .

Also we've started experimenting with #dart  for our webclient, and things are looking very promising indeed.
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Just updated our PostgreSQL servers to 9.1.4 and kernel 3.2.28 - glad to report that streaming replication is still working a charm.  :)
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We've been slacking a bit on the news-front, but that's mostly because we've been busy coding. But things are happening behind the curtains:

* We've got a basic Ada binding to PJ-SUA
* We've got an #Ada Web Server server running which can serve JSON to clients over HTTP(S), complete with database failover (PostgreSQL), caching of objects and logging to syslogd. We call the server Alice.
* We've got a basic client for connecting to the Asterisk Management Interface (AMI), build using the AWS.Net socket implementation.
* We've got a very basic webclient that can monitor a call queue, pick up "calls" and fetch data from Alice. This client is called Bob. We plan on building Bob in Dart.

Besides the technical stuff, we've also got a few people working on designing the client software. This work is progressing quite nicely, despite the fact that it is damn hard to design an interface that needs to contain and present massive amounts of information, without succumbing to dumping data all over the place.

So things are definitely moving, and we're confident that we'll have a rough prototype up and running by the end of 2012.
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qemu-kvm updated to 1.0.1 on our systems.

KVM is an awesome virtualization platform. It. Just. Works.
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+PostgreSQL streaming replication is up and running, and it is working very well. The process of migrating the Alice code from LDAP to PostgreSQL is also humming along quite nicely, and should be done in a few days time.

Then we can get started on figuring out how to design a decent protocol and some sensible interfaces interact with the database. Should be a breeze! :)

We decided on building our own browser, so we don't have to depend on the Javascript abilities of any browser at any given time, and more importantly: We don't have to worry about some random patch messing it all up. We will probably end up with a dead-simple Qt/webkit browser, or perhaps a Gtk/webkit, depending on which is the simplest to get going on all three major platforms.
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We've decided to ditch LDAP for now, and go with +PostgreSQL instead. Too much of our data turned out to be relational in nature, so LDAP made less and less sense.

So right now we're looking into the streaming replication facilities of PostgreSQL 9.x - it's not as intuitive as LDAP replication (with OpenDS at least), but it does look doable.
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