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Martin Zehetmayer (Angrox)
Nerd. Geek. Dedicated to Open Source. Linux. Fedora. Red Hat. Games. MUD. Ingress. Sort of that things.
Nerd. Geek. Dedicated to Open Source. Linux. Fedora. Red Hat. Games. MUD. Ingress. Sort of that things.

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BERLIN IS CALLING!!! Join the Enlightened in November in Berlin! 

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(via fefe)

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Yes. I know. But this is important and not a game.

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Let's go!!
#berlin #ingress #anomaly 

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What the hell? An era ends! +NCC1701R​ was banned for no reason.

Read this text carefully. A community is the most important of a 'pvp' game. Since 2013 when +John Hanke​ visited Munich I had this feeling that they do not understand what a community is for.

It helps you building up a game business.
It can tear it down.

+NCC1701R​ you will be missed :-(

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(via +Jana D​ )
#LuminescentHeart won overall in the portal challenge! There were so many amazing people involved in this, adding so many incredible dimensions, I'm really excited and proud to have been a part of this truly global project.

Many people put in large amounts of work toward bringing the heart to life, and the amazing thing to see was, it was a labor of love and fun. Leading up to the event, the mission creation, and on site, it all was done with respect and passion. Thanks for having me!

To all of the mission completers around the world, and the mission creators, this is just as much your success as ours on site. With about 2730 individual missions live in 43 countries, and all of the images of early completion and weekend events, anyone who learned of these things were astounded, and blown away by all the global excitement, and the swag you all made for Luminescent Heart and Magnus! You all, regardless of faction or distance, truly are our global team 💗

For the Camp Navarro anomaly, enl and res took to the multiple, unique challenges, with enl ultimately winning. It was fun watching the different enl camps all contribute to that success as well 😃

All portal installations were creative and enjoyable to explore - though Hank, Chapeau, and KodamaSmiles picked the following runners up: Visionary, Listener, and Trickster (respectively). Congratulations to your successes as well!

Now to wait and hear what big announcements +Ingress​ has for us before we all disperse!

#13MagnusReawakens #MagnusReawakens #Ingress +Liberty Naud

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Every time I come home I feel like this ...

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Awesome if this would become true ...
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