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Paul Sonier
Dad, Software Engineer, overall geek
Dad, Software Engineer, overall geek

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I had a wonderful birthday; thanks to all who wished me so! My personal favorite, though, was when Orion wished me a happy birthday when I got home that day! It was adorable!

I've started at Disney, and I'm absolutely loving it so far! I'm a Staff Software Engineer in the Parks and Resorts Online division, and I'm really happy so far! It's only my second day, but I think this is going to turn out to be my best job ever!

Watching Radiohead on the Colbert Report just reminded me of something; I really don't like Radiohead. Self-important interminable groove jams overlaid with Thom Yorke's whining = not my thing. Their drummers are pretty good, though.

I am so tired of Christians...

Arr! A Merry Talk Like A Pirate Day to all, mateys!

Okay, a new personal favorite in "somebody doesn't get it"... Just saw an ad for The Office on DVD; the quote was pefect:

"And, watch episodes after they've aired, on your TV, with your internet connected Blu-Ray player!"

Isn't that kind of the point of a DVD collection of TV shows? I think I know what they were trying to say, but... epic fail.

Republicans are evil.

Republicans are unbelievably horrible. I can't believe what Boehner is saying and doing; I thought that politics had gotten bad, but the Republicans are proving that everything is so much worse than I'd imagined. Those fuckers went on a spending spree while Bush was president, they shifted the tax burden to the poor, and did serious damage to our country's reputation and economy, and now they insist that they be able to pay for the debt they incurred with their reckless spending and war of opportunity with cuts in services to the poor.

And it's not just the politicians. People actually vote these clowns into office; that's what I can't believe. For me, it's very simple; voting Republican is as close to treason as most people can get. After 9/11, after the war in Iraq, after Katrina... the Republican party (responsible for Bush) has done more damage to America than ALL TERRORIST ATTACKS EVER COMBINED. Think about that for a second. Bush let 9/11 happen; he had warnings, and didn't do shit. Bush invaded Iraq knowing that there was nothing there but Saddam, who he had a personal beef with. Bush let New Orleans drown.

Voting Republican is the act of idiots and cowards.

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