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Jason Burt-D'Arcy
Me brain is noodles!
Me brain is noodles!

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Jason is ace, son. (Just figured this out)

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Hi folks! We're finally live after much saying we were going to be live soon!

Please have a listen and let us know if you've been Abducted by Aliens so we can sell you stuff.

We're also on iTunes here

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It's my new website! A museum a half arsed curiosity! It should last about 6 months! Enjoy!

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You'll never think the same way about cake slicing ever again. Wonderful.
Ticket sales are apparently slothful for my talk. So I have to keep going on about it, sorry.

Come along if you haven't seen it, it is fun.

If you have seen it, please spread the word.


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I'm looking to downsize my laptop so I'm selling my...

17" Macbook Pro, 2.8ghz Core 2 Duo, 500GB HD

Bought in June 2009, has a dent in the bottom right hand corner but has worked fine for 2 years without missing a beat.

(Detailed specs are here

Will be completely cleaned off and upgraded to Snow Leopard.

Looking for £950 but happy to haggle.

2 year old 17" Macbook Pro. How much do you think I'd get for it? Twitter was unexpectedly shit on this one.

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I wonder if I could write a book?

Deus Ex is out soon. Really rather psyched about it, not really been around for the drop of a great game yet.
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