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It's so hard to be both a reviewer and an author. And it's tested most particularly when a bad review must be given. 

I also remember a couple of those reviews. They were quite odd. It really troubled me on the African story because there seemed to be this underlying conception that it was inappropriate for a fantasy set in an African setting to have any elements of what is considered traditional European fantasy. Apparently, all the characters were to be wearing loincloths made from animal skins rather than silks and other well tailored garments. Just so strange.

And I think it's a valid point about not passing over a story because others have done something similar. Just because some people have done it before doesn't mean that another shouldn't do the story. At worst, the author should be prepared for others to not be as enthused, but just because they are not enthused about it doesn't mean that they should be upset that other authors are exploring those themes and tropes. I think it's best for authors to choose the stories that are dear to their hearts and tell them, regardless of what has already been done.

I'm sure that you handled the bad review quite well. :) Have a lovely day!

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Jessica Fry commented on a post on Blogger.
Yay, apparently one can post on these blogs through Firefox but not Chrome. Anyway, love the heart in this. I know next to nothing about what makes poetry objectively good. But I know that I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing, Carole. :D

It also hits on what I've been pondering and praying about. Those who bless us with their gifts in entertainment deserve our prayers as well, and it is a good practice to get into the habit of. Thank you for sharing.
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