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Dustin Jones
I am a proud father and husband, outdoor enthusiast, and avid hunter all rolled into one.
I am a proud father and husband, outdoor enthusiast, and avid hunter all rolled into one.

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Read my most recent review of BEX camouflage. #hunting #camo #bex 
BEX Camo Review
BEX is mostly known for producing some very lightweight high quality sunglasses designed for those pursuing an active lifestyle. I even had the opportunity to write a review on them in the past and they truly are some great sunglasses. As I continued conver...

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SatSkin Concealment - 3D Camo Pattern
There are many different camouflage patterns out there and I am always interested when a new one pops up. Recently I stumbled upon a new up and coming company that grabbed my attention,  SatSkin Concealment . They are not your usual camo pattern and that is...

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Bushman Outfitters - Bushman T-Shirt Maximo Yellow
Outdoorsman need clothes. Not just clothes but quality clothes. With that in mind I had received the Maximo Shirt from Bushman Outfitters to review. So with the task of putting the shirt to the test, I went on a camping trip to see how it would hold up. Ope...

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Top Rope Hammock Review
A relaxing way to take a nap in the mountains or even at home is with a hammock. I had the chance to review the Top Rope Hammock and I was thrilled to do so. I took this tightly packed hammock with me camping to give it a try. The first thing I noticed was ...

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Review of the +XShot (California) Pole
Xshot Pro Pole for GoPro and All Cameras - Product Review
Xshot Pro Pole from Xshot The Xshot Pro GoPro Pole  The Contents of the Xshot GoPro Pole One of the best things about hunting and the outdoors is being able to share the moments with everyone. The most popular way to do that is through capturing these momen...

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20 MM Vulcan Bullet Bottle Opener Review
Those of you who follow along may remember a review I did a while ago of a .50 caliber bottle opener, which you can read here . I thought it was such an awesome idea and still is one of my favorite things to show off whenever possible. Well recently I was c...

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Rocky Broadhead Boots - Gear Review
One way to end a hunt early is to have unhappy feet. If your feet aren't happy, you aren't happy. There is nothing like hiking into the backcountry and getting blisters or getting your feet wet. For me, making sure you have the proper boot for the terrain y...

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If you are looking for some awesome sunglasses for #fishing  or #Bowfishing  Be sure to check out +Bex Sunglasses 

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