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It’s starting to feel like I am on vacation more than I am
at work these days. This weekend I went down to the Bella Coola Rodeo, a couple
weekends ago I went skydiving in Kamloops, and in two days I am off to Calgary.
However, as soon as Janelle and I get ...

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Baby beavers and horse whispering
Well there has certainly been a lot happening in these last
couple weeks. Janelle and I went out at twilight one night to hunt some
beaver. They must have heard us coming because we didn’t see any after sitting
there for 30 minutes. So changing our tactics,...

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June already?!
Some more stuff that’s happened: Got to lance a lump (about the size of a golf ball) that was
on a calf’s cheek. Squeezed out a whole bunch of pussy grossness. I rechecked
my calves with the maggoty infections and I am happy to announce that they are

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So good to be back :)
It’s so great to be back up in this beautiful country after
being away for almost a year! It is nice to see all my friends up here and all
the changes around town and the ranches etc. I can’t believe Ben and Jackson
are 5 and 8 now, incredible! There is a n...

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Back Tracking
In exactly one week I will be making the long trip back up to Anahim Lake! Thankfully my dad is driving me and my cat, so we don't have to fly. I'm very excited to be leaving the city and seeing what kinds of adventures this summer holds :) I will try my be...

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